Mango Animate’s AI Video Maker Helps Users Create Videos from Text

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The video creation has been transformed with the help of advanced AI technology. With the commitment to enhancing users’ content, Mango Animate announced the launch of an all-in-one AI video maker ( called Mango AI. This tool turns text into interactive videos, which is a good fit for everyone to breathe life into ideas.

Mango AI offers a set of powerful features that let users produce professional videos with minimal time and effort. An extensive library of ready-made video templates covering various industries facilitates users to get started quickly, without having to start from scratch. The AI video maker gives users complete control over all customizable templates, allowing them to tailor backgrounds, font styles, transitions, and other elements based on their requirements.

One of the robust features of Mango AI is its digital avatar library. Hundreds of human-like avatars are at users’ disposal, which can serve as talking presenters to deliver messages. The AI video maker supports users in swapping their faces onto default avatars by simply uploading frontal face photos. By integrating custom avatars of themselves, users are more likely to generate captivating videos and interact with the audience. Besides, as an intuitive AI cartoon video generator (, Mango AI comes with dozens of cartoon characters to enable users to create cartoons with ease.

The AI video maker carries a vast array of realistic AI voices in multiple languages, such as Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, and German, which helps users localize their content at scale and resonate with audiences around the world effortlessly. Users can create a digital twin of themselves by uploading audio clips to let custom avatars speak with their own voices, providing the audience with an engaging and memorable experience.

“By utilizing AI technology, Mango AI stands out as a user-friendly AI video maker that converts text to high-quality videos ready to download and distribute. It allows you to make shareable videos in a fraction of the time regardless of your skill level,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate.

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