Disclosing the Difference Between True Justice and the American Way

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Carmelo Pinnavaria
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Trout Valley, Illinois, Carmelo Pinnavaria, in his book, Court vs. Pro-se, discusses the days in courts fighting corruption and injustice from the Trial Court to the United Supreme Court. The author highlights the cancer in our society, Constitution, and Judicial system.

“At War for Justice” is the book of the century. It’s a book that no one ever dares to write, bringing to light the ills of our Constitution, our democracy, and our freedom that we take for granted. Exposes the corruption of our judicial system and that we are moving towards the self-destruction of this great country. It highlights humankind’s suffering for the past 100 years due to wars and political unrest worldwide-depicting the grave condition of our planet and future generations.

The “Russian Roulette” that the superpower is playing with their nuclear arsenals.

The demise of a giant corporation (Motorola) from Glory to Ashes.
How? Why?

“At War for Justice” searches for answers and discloses the truth and injustice by the secret society that controls the world economy and elected officials. Reveals the difference between true justice and American justice; the American way allows the elite class to suppress the lower class based on their power.

A judicial system is supposed to protect all people, rich and poor, regardless of color, race, religion, or gender, leading to equal justice for all. Instead, it serves justice only to people with money. The rich have the ability to bribe their way out of every situation. Also, it is not only bribing. Sometimes, the influence of the power itself can play a major role in delaying justice that needs to be served for violating the law, despite the context. It is about a judicial system in which you need to pay to play.

This is a matter of life and death; it’s your future. Do not stand back; take charge and fight for it.

Read all about it at “atwar4justice.com”