Lansitec Introduces B003 BLE Beacon for Personal and Asset Tracking

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Nanjing Jiangsu – June 4, 2024 – Lansitec Technology, a leading IoT people and asset tracking solution provider, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative B003 Bluetooth Beacon. This device offers an efficient and user-friendly solution for tracking personal belongings and monitoring the location, condition, and utilization of assets and staff, ensuring robust performance and reliability in various environments.

Introducing the B003 Bluetooth Beacon

The Lansitec B003 Bluetooth Beacon is a compact and versatile device designed to help you find your personal belongings quickly and easily. You can attach the beacon to anything you want to keep track of, and it will buzz when it communicates with the gateway. Its small size and easy installation make it an ideal choice for a wide range of tracking applications.

Key Features:
? Compact Design: Small and easy to attach to personal items.
? Buzzer for Lost and Found: Audible alert for easy location.
? Power and SOS Button: Convenient and secure tracking.
? Low Power Consumption: Up to 765 days standby time.

Technical Specifications:
? Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, iBeacon protocol.
? RF Power: -20~+5 dBm, Transmission Distance up to 150 m.
? Dimensions: Equilateral triangle, 37 mm side length; thickness 7.5 mm.
? Operating Temperature: -20° C~+70° C.
? Battery: CR2032, 230 mAh, up to 765 days battery life.

Customer Benefits

Lansitec’s B003 Bluetooth Beacon provides tailored solutions to common tracking and management challenges faced by various industries. This device enhances operational efficiency by offering precise tracking for both personal and professional environments. It addresses specific needs such as:
? Personal Asset Tracking: The compact design makes the beacon perfect for tracking personal assets such as key chains. Attach this beacon to your personal belongings and track their position in real-time. The long standby time ensures you don’t need to constantly replace the battery.
? Vehicle Tracking: Real-time tracking of vehicle location can help enterprises improve vehicle scheduling efficiency and reduce operating costs. Monitoring the status of vehicles, such as speed, fuel consumption, and malfunctions, enhances safety and ensures optimal performance.
? Personnel Tracking: Protects organizational security by tracking employee access to sensitive areas and assets. This real-time monitoring helps to prevent unauthorized entry, theft, and potential destruction, thereby protecting critical data, devices, and infrastructure.

About Lansitec Technology

Founded in 2015, Lansitec Technology is dedicated to providing innovative IoT solutions for people and asset tracking. Based in Nanjing Jiangsu, Lansitec specializes in integrating the latest BLE technology to offer seamless indoor and outdoor positioning services. With a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, and data analysis tools, Lansitec serves a diverse range of industries including construction, mining, healthcare, and logistics.

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