Tongue-operated AI-powered device that aims to challenge Neuralink, wins Red Dot 2024 Award

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The Red Dot Award is one of the largest international design competitions. Having a long history and esteemed credibility, the Red Dot label stands as a testament to quality, representing excellence in design and groundbreaking ideas.

“Winning the Red Dot Award proves that we are on the right track. I’m grateful to the experts for recognizing the deep connection between assistive technology, design, and ergonomics. This award is a significant honor and a strong motivation for us to further develop the Tip Device”,
— emphasizes CEO of Tip Assistive Technologies Taras Kosik.

The Tip Device is an innovative tongue-operated HID (a human interface device) that leverages AI to enhance both onboarding and training processes, as well as to improve the overall user experience. For instance, AI is used to interpret tongue movements, such as gestures and patterns, for actions like swiping, scrolling, or zooming.

The Tip Device Starter Kit is priced at USD 249 and includes 12 replacement modules. Each additional module will cost USD 15. One module is expected to last a month with daily use. Starting in August 2024, Tip Assistive Technologies will open an applications campaign for technology testers in the USA and UK.
Spinal surgeons and rehabilitation specialists can contact us any time for early access to the technology. For more information, please reach out by email:

About Tip Device

The Tip Device is the only non-invasive assistive controller that enables fast input speeds and allows users to perform creative tasks like drawing, video editing, or music creation without requiring special skills.

About Tip Assistive Technologies LLC
Tip Assistive Technologies LLC is a socially conscious technological startup. The company was established in 2024 in Texas, USA. It is focused on research and development of affordable personal assistive solutions aiming to ease barriers between humans and digital devices while they interact. Whereas the products are developed with a purpose to help millions of people with limited mobility, the company believes that over years its original inventions will go beyond their current application and transform everyone’s life.
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About Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. More than twenty thousand organizations from more than sixty countries participate in this competition every year, and a panel of highly rated international professionals evaluates every project with attention to detail.
In the Design Concept competition, the submitted designs are assessed based on several criteria: the scope of technological breakthroughs, ergonomics, durability, functionality, sustainability and so on.
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