Sky Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai Has Become the Best Medical Transportation Provider

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022: The stable health of a patient is the most important thing an emergency medical transportation provider needs to look after as it helps in getting patients shifted to the healthcare center without any unevenness or discomfort. The Air Ambulance from Mumbai offered by Sky Air Ambulance is performing medical evacuation missions with a team of expert medical personnel trained in delivering medical attention and supervision to the patients throughout the journey and keeping the vitals of the ailing individual intact until the process gets concluded.

We have a specialist on staff, dedicated to helping the family of the patient with their travel-related needs and composing the evacuation process as efficiently as possible. We take a sanitary flight environment as the most significant aspect of delivering a non-troublesome transfer and thoroughly disinfect the medical flight cabins after every transport mission gets concluded. We at Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai manage all of the requirements related to the healthy transfer of patients and come forth with a solution that can be essential according to the need of the situation.

 Sky Air Ambulance Service in Chennai Operates with Top Safety Record

Sky Air Ambulance Service in Chennai is the best safety-rated company, demonstrating an exemplary flight safety record and shifting patients without laying any trouble with the health of ailing individuals. We have received the prestigious ISO accreditation which makes us the air medical transportation provider that has an unblemished track record of performing medical evacuation services without causing any harm to the lives of the patients. Our flights are equipped with intensive care facilities which makes us the safety-compliant means of transport and guarantee a trouble-free transfer experience for the patients.

Our efficient team at the Air Ambulance in Chennai received a call to shift a patient from Patna to Delhi via our air ambulance who was suffering from brain issues. The patient was admitted to a local hospital for initial treatment in Patna and we provided a medically fitted ground ambulance to shift the ailing individual to the airport. From there we took the patient inside the aircraft with the help of a stretcher and shifted him to the intensive care aircraft. We had advanced medical equipment present inside the aircraft to make the patient stable until the process of evacuation comes to halt. The presence of a trained paramedic guided by a physician made the patient travel without any complications and with safety and comfort.