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In today’s fast-paced world of advertising, where people’s focus doesn’t last long and there are endless things competing for their attention, it’s harder than ever to get noticed by potential customers. Old-fashioned ways of reaching out, like making cold calls, just don’t work as well anymore.

That’s where lead generation comes in. Simply put, it’s the process of grabbing someone’s interest and turning them into potential customers. For businesses that sell to other businesses (B2B), this step is super important. But finding the right company to help with lead generation can be tricky. That’s where Persuade steps in.

The Journey of Persuade
Jared Koning, a seasoned marketing expert, founded Persuade back in 2017. Since its inception, the company has flourished, earning a reputation for fuelling business expansion. Serving over 100 esteemed brands across South Africa and Africa, Persuade has become a trusted name in the industry. Their excellence was acknowledged when they were crowned the top lead generation agency in South Africa for 2021 by MEA Markets.

Persuade believes in offering affordable services so that clients – no matter what their budget is can benefit from our services. At Persuade, we offer a suite of specialized services geared towards helping businesses thrive.
Appointment Setting: Businesses need services related to appointment setting. We assist in setting up crucial sales meetings by tailoring digital marketing plans based on in-depth needs analysis. Prioritizing B2B leads, we empower sales teams to focus on closing significant deals first. We are a professional team of experts who understand their responsibilities.

Market Research: Gain valuable insights into your market dynamics and branding perception compared to competitors through our comprehensive market research services. From planning to project management, we ensure you receive accurate feedback from the right audience.

Outsourced Sales Solutions: Sales is never easy – no matter what you are trying to sell it requires efforts and time. Companies or business organisations do not have the time or knowledge. Hence, they tend to outsource their sales solutions. Collaborate with us to uncover untapped sales potential. Our personalized digital marketing plans align with your ROI expectations after a thorough analysis of your requirements.

Lead Generation: Our customized, automated approach to lead generation mirrors your unique vision and objectives. With plug-and-play leads requiring no quality control, we deliver a growth solution that transcends mere statistics.

Lead generation is now an integral part of any B2B marketing strategy. Explore the full range of Persuade’s services at

About Persuade:
Persuade is a leading South Africa-based agency at the forefront of sales growth technology. Our focus on fostering enduring customer relationships has earned us numerous accolades, enabling us to drive sales and enhance client retention effectively.