Breaking Boundaries: KCM Trade Drift Team Makes the Impossible Possible

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Echoing to our passion in success, KCM Trade and the HGSA team from Hong Kong have joined forces to create a formidable partnership, giving rise to the KCM Trade Drift Team. This powerful alliance has opened a new journey of power and heart-stopping speed.

KCM Trade has always been proud of our meticulous service and professional demeanor. Committed to delivering flawless financial services to clients worldwide, KCM Trade is in constant pursuit of enhancing the customer experience and its worldwide exposure. The collaboration between KCM Trade and the HGSA Drift Team goes beyond a successful business partnership; it signifies our emphasis on customer experience and relationships.

Ryan Tsui, the CEO of KCM Group, stated, “The partnership between KCM Trade and the HKGSA Drift Team is built upon shared values of ambition and resilience. We see this collaboration as an opportunity to demonstrate our core value to the world.”

This cooperation is also a unique path to captivate a global audience. All the way from Hong Kong to Japan, the KCM Trade Drift Team was part of a celebration of skill and energy at the Suzuka Twin Circuit, the venue for the Japan Drift Championship FDJ2. The team’s remarkable performance has already conquered huge supporters in both Hong Kong and Japan.

The Suzuka International Racing Course, renowned as a top-tier motorsport circuit, annually hosts the esteemed Formula One Japanese Grand Prix. Leveraging on the impressive new upgrades, at this iconic venue, the KCM Trade Drift Team engaged in fierce competition during the ultimate finals, breaking speed boundaries and showcasing the artistry of drifting at the Japan Drift Championship (FDJ2).

This epic shows the KCM Trade Drift Team gifted the audience was not at all unexpected. With Ken Yeung on the wheel, the founder and Chief Coach of HKGSA Racing, victory is the only target. Ken Yeung is a distinguished MSC Japan S-Class driver and seasoned professional coach. Renowned for promoting racing culture in Hong Kong, he boasts exceptional driving abilities and has garnered numerous accolades for the team.

To facilitate communications, The KCM Trade Drift Team has recently launched its official website, a platform where power and victory are in charge. This is where you can become even more empowered, learning about the glorious journey and future achievements that are already on the way. The unique and exceptional KCM Trade Drift Team is, beyond a doubt, proof that dreams come true, that the impossible is possible, and that boundaries are nothing!