From Confusion to Clarity: How AI, Efficiencies, and Sustainability Are Transforming Real Estate

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Join us at the heart of New York City’s real estate evolution with the Financial Policy Council’s stimulating power summit, “Cutting-edge AI Real Estate Insights.” This landmark event, set to enliven the Penn Club of NYC on June 20, 2024, from 6:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M., guarantees an enlightening and stimulating discussion. Our expert panelists will lead a fascinating panel conversation, sharing insights on demystifying the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), operational efficiencies, and sustainability on the future of real estate. Set to embark on a journey of navigating this complex evolving landscape providing you with valuable clarity and actionable strategies to harness the full potential of AI that will successfully shape this industry.

Moderated by the legendary Ziad Abdelnour, Chairman & Founder of the Financial Policy Council, “this summit marks a decisive moment as we have the fourth major event of the year”. Abdelnour, a titan in finance and the real-estate silos and author of two influential books, alongside panelists from The Savvides Group, Carbon Spark Software and other leading entities, will delve into how AI is revolutionizing property management with innovative efficiency solutions reducing costs and enhancing property value for a competitive edge in a dynamic market. They bring their wealth of experience, from groundbreaking investment strategies to pioneering market analyses, ready to reveal thought-provoking insights with both longstanding members and newcomers to the FPC community.

Set in the reputable Penn Club’s Tarnopol room, the evening promises not just a gathering of unprecedented minds but addresses the real issues that matter and a chance to network with well-known stars in the business. Dress to impress and prepare for an open bar and hors d’oeuvres in an ambiance of exclusivity and esteemed colleagues.

With tickets available through a $50 donation to the FPC, secure your spot at this must-attend event where the future of real estate is not just discussed but shaped. For more details and to register, visit the Financial Policy Council website at

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Event Sponsors; The Savvides Group, Carbon Spark Software and the Benz Real Estate Investment Group