AMTS 2024: A Focus on Laser Engineering for Lightweight Automotive Manufacturing

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Highlight segment of AMTS 2024
• As the use of hot-formed steel becomes more widespread, laser technology has emerged as the dominant choice.
• From cutting-edge lasers to integrated solutions, 300 companies will showcase the latest applications of laser technology in automotive engineering.
• The Premier vertical event of Automotive Laser Technology in China.

The 2024 Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show (AMTS) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 3-5, 2024, showcasing the latest advancements in automotive engineering. A key highlight this year is the growing importance of laser technology in lightweight vehicle construction.

Laser Takes Center Stage
AMTS 2024’s Automotive Laser Engineering pavilion will be the world’s largest dedicated exhibition of laser technology for automotive applications. Over 300 domestic and international laser companies will showcase a wide range of equipment and solutions, from cutting-edge lasers to integrated solutions for manufacturers. This focus reflects the increasing adoption of laser technology as the preferred method for processing hot-formed steel, a lightweight material that is becoming increasingly popular in car manufacturing.

Advantages of Laser Technology
Laser technology offers several advantages over traditional methods for processing automotive parts. These include:
• Flexibility: Lasers can be used to create complex shapes with high precision.
• Automation: Laser cutting and welding processes can be highly automated, improving efficiency and consistency.
• Low Production Cost: Compared to traditional methods, laser technology can offer lower production costs.
These advantages make laser technology ideal for lightweighting car parts, a crucial factor in the development of low-carbon, diverse, and intelligent vehicles.

Applications in Focus
The AMTS pavilion will showcase a variety of laser applications for automotive parts, including:
• Body-in-white: Laser brazing and flying welding for body structures.
• Lightweight materials: Three-dimensional laser cutting of thermal molding parts and carbon fiber materials.
• Powertrain: Laser welding of power transmission systems.
• Engine components: Laser quenching for improved performance.
• Stamping dies: Laser cladding to extend die life.
• Marking: Traceable laser marking for identification and quality control.

Focus on Hot-Formed Steel
A particular area of focus will be laser cutting and welding of hot-formed steel parts. While this lightweight material offers significant advantages, its extreme rigidity and complex shapes present challenges for traditional processing methods. Laser technology offers a solution, enabling precise processing and efficient utilization of the material. Several companies at AMTS will showcase their latest equipment designed specifically for hot-formed steel parts.

Lightweight Chassis Design
The trend towards lightweight design extends beyond the car body to the chassis. AMTS will showcase innovative laser welding applications for various chassis components, including:
• Transmission parts: Double gears, manifolds, and shafts.
• Exhaust systems: Pipes, mufflers, and filters.
• Other components: Air conditioning pulleys, hydraulic tappets, clutches, brake systems, radiators, and battery covers.
A recent breakthrough by Chinese companies in developing high-power laser arc composite welding equipment is expected to further expand the market share and applications of laser welding technology in chassis manufacturing.

Technical Forums and Networking
AMTS will also feature over 10 technical forums, industry summits, and new product launches focused on the latest advancements in laser technology for battery production and electric motors. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with leading industry experts and decision-makers from companies like BYD, Geely, Volkswagen, Nissan, Tesla, and Hyundai.

AMTS 2024 promises to be a valuable event for anyone interested in the future of automotive manufacturing, particularly the role of laser technology in lightweighting and sustainable vehicle development.

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