Witness The Advancements in Oil Filtration with Electrostatic Oil Cleaner

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The future of oil filtration technology is here with the introduction of the ground-breaking Electrostatic Oil Cleaner (EOC). This innovative solution is engineered to super-clean hydraulic oil and other non-detergent oils which makes it ideal for various industrial applications, including compressor pumps and sophisticated aircraft hydraulic oil systems.

The Electrostatic Oil Cleaner uses advanced electrostatic principles to provide unparalleled oil cleanliness. By applying high voltage across positive and negative electrodes, fine suspended particles in the oil are ionized and statically charged. These charged particles are then attracted to the opposite electrodes and trapped in a dielectric media, effectively removing contaminants from the oil. This technology can eliminate all oil-insoluble particles, whether metal, non-metal, organic, or inorganic. It is especially adept at removing oil oxidation products that traditional filters struggle to handle.
Firstly, the electrostatic oil cleaner ensures comprehensive contaminant removal by effectively eliminating oil oxidation products. This leads to enhanced productivity by reducing hydraulic issues, preventing interruptions, stabilizing cycle times, and decreasing warm-up periods. Additionally, the electrostatic oil cleaner extends the lifespan of the oil. It reduces the frequency of oil replacements. This turns into significant cost efficiency through power savings, reduced maintenance, and the elimination of frequent oil changes.

From the environmental perspective, it promotes sustainability. It extends oil life & reduces waste. An electrostatic oil cleaner also maintains superior cleanliness & moisture control. It keeps cleanliness levels between 0.2mg/100ml and 0.4mg/100ml and controls water content to 20ppm-90ppm. Last but not least, the electrostatic oil cleaner guarantees longevity & reliability. It is achieved by extending the life of lubricating oils. These devices minimize equipment wear & tear at production facilities. It reduces downtime & maintenance needs.

EOC incorporates several key components designed for optimal functionality and safety. First, the Solid-State Automatic Control & Safety System features a digital display. This digital display allows for real-time monitoring and precise control of operations. It guarantees that the equipment is handled safely & efficiently. Second, the High Voltage Power Supply System handles high-voltage applications. This component in an electrostatic oil cleaner is important for operational reliability. These parts work together to create a sophisticated system that is built to fulfill strict operating requirements.

The Electrostatic Oil Cleaner is a revolutionary solution that improves the performance and longevity of hydraulic & lubricating oils. These oil cleaners also promote sustainability & cost-efficiency in industrial operations. Here, Aerolube is a leader in innovative industrial solutions, especially in oil cleaners. The company promotes advanced technology that enhances efficiency, reliability, sustainability, and more. The excellence and customer satisfaction of Aerolube continuously deliver products that meet the highest standards of performance and quality. For more information about the Electrostatic Oil Cleaner.

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