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Monday, May 27, 2024: By choosing an air ambulance you can rest assured about the safety and security of the patients throughout the process of relocation with a non-delaying departure and arrival at the source destination. Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance is the most reliable alternative when it comes to shifting critically ill or severely injured patients from one spot to the other for advanced medical treatment via Air and Train Ambulance from Bhubaneswar. With our effortlessness, the medical transfer is completed safely every time!

Our airliners are designed to give utmost safety and comfort to the patients while they are flying at higher altitudes and we also maintain the privacy of the patients inside and outside the flight. We hang a medical curtain and cover the patient with it to avoid exposure to the rest of the flight body and ensure a family member is travelling onboard with us to make the journey stress-free for the patient. At Air and Train Ambulance Services in Bhubaneswar, we guarantee unending convenience from the start to the end of the evacuation mission.

At Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services in Bangalore, You will Receive Unending Care

Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance in Bangalore operate with a bunch of skilled and aero-medically certified team including doctors, nurses, paramedics, therapists, and caregivers who are trained to take good care of the patients and allow the flow of medication to make the relocation mission Comfortable and risk-free. We are a multi-specialty medical relocation provider having years of experience in arranging air evacuation missions with utmost effectiveness and causing no trouble mid-air.

Whenever our team at Air and Train Ambulance Services in Bangalore receives requests for arranging evacuation missions for patients we don’t waste time and appear with the appropriate solution to match your requests. Once when we received a request for organizing air ambulance transfer for a patient with tuberculosis we didn’t waste time and came up with an excellent shifting process. We had a fully equipped aircraft carrier that had the best in-line equipment and supplies ensuring a trouble-free journey from beginning to end. We had a certified pulmonary specialist onboard to care for the patient accompanied by a flight nurse to manage the delivery of medication and other things. We took care of every step effectively and ensured the process was crafted without implying any unevenness on the way.