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Las Cruces, New Mexico – May 8, 2024 – When faced with the devastating consequences of medical misdiagnosis, having a trusted legal advocate in your corner can make all the difference. Poulos & Coates, a distinguished firm of trial lawyers with over 70 years of combined experience, is leading the charge in representing victims of medical negligence and their families in Las Cruces and beyond. A medical misdiagnosis can have a devastating impact on a patient and their family, often resulting in improper treatment or no treatment at all. This can lead to increased injury, disease progression, prolonged pain and suffering, and even death.

With a team of seasoned attorneys who possess invaluable expertise in the field of medical malpractice litigation, Poulos & Coates is committed to providing unwavering support and effective legal representation to those affected by medical misdiagnosis. Unlike any other law firm in New Mexico, Poulos & Coates boasts a unique advantage: a doctor and two nurses on staff, bringing a comprehensive understanding of medical practice to every case.

“We understand the profound impact that medical misdiagnosis can have on individuals and their families,” said Victor Poulos, Owner at Poulos & Coates. “That’s why we are dedicated to fighting tirelessly on behalf of our clients to seek justice and hold negligent medical professionals accountable for their actions.”

With a track record of success in securing substantial verdicts and settlements for their clients, Poulos & Coates has obtained over $300 million in gross recoveries through their unwavering commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of justice. Their accolades and achievements speak volumes about their dedication to providing top-tier legal representation and achieving favorable outcomes for those they serve. They are always here to give back to their community especially when they are in need after a misdiagnosis.
“Our commitment is to take care of our clients and their families every step of the way,” added Victor. “We understand the complexities of the legal process, and we are here to guide our clients through it with compassion, integrity, and unparalleled expertise.”

If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical misdiagnosis, don’t hesitate to seek the legal representation you deserve. Schedule a no-charge consultation with Poulos & Coates, LLP today and take the first step toward obtaining the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact (575) 376-6583 or visit their website at https://pouloscoates.com/.