Meta adds advertiser-focused generative AI features.

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Meta Platforms (META) launched a variety of new artificial intelligence capabilities for its advertising platforms on Tuesday as part of its latest investment in generative AI.

The new tools enable marketers to rapidly produce content and graphics for their campaigns based on an original picture, as well as larger versions of the images with text overlayed in a variety of typefaces.

First announced in October.

Many of the capabilities were originally revealed and made available to a select number of clients in October 2023, with Meta stating that it aimed to roll them out internationally this year. Advertising income accounts for virtually all of the internet giant’s revenue, so the company’s top line might benefit if solutions like those launched Tuesday perform and persuade advertisers to spend more on Meta’s platforms.

Meta Platforms: “Meta Reports First-Quarter 2024 Results.”

Meta also said that before the end of the year, it intends to roll out additional text capabilities such as assessing a company’s prior advertising campaigns using the newest Llama 3 large language model (LLM) to replicate a company’s previous advertising tone. The business said that some of the generative AI elements have been deployed out, with intentions to make them accessible worldwide by the end of 2024.

Based on initial experiments with Meta Verified for businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada last year, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp’s parent company said it is confident in rolling it out on more platforms and in more countries, including Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy.

Tech companies are making massive AI investments.
Meta said that its research revealed that small companies “value the ability to access more tools that can help build credibility with new audiences to drive more engagement and grow their brand.”

The company also said the subscription package for businesses will include “a core toolkit of a verified badge, account support, impersonation monitoring and more, while testing expanded benefits that help a business build their credibility and grow their brand—like new tools for profile enhancements, more ways to help create connections, and additional ways to access support.”

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