Farahi Law Firm Warns Site Visitors and Users Against Phishing Scams

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Los Angeles, California – Farahi Law Firm, APC, a reputable legal firm in California, has issued a security advisory to alert site visitors and users about recent phishing activities targeting its platform. The firm has received reports regarding fraudulent attempts aimed at compromising user information and damaging its reputation.

The following fraudulent behaviors have been observed:

Impersonation of Employees: Malicious individuals are falsely representing themselves as employees of Justin for Justice, Inc., despite the firm’s legal registration as Farahi Law Firm, APC. Users are advised to verify the identity of anyone claiming affiliation with the firm.

False Copyright Infringement Claims: Some individuals are making baseless copyright infringement accusations against website owners on behalf of the firm. These claims are not legitimate and should be treated with caution.
Use of Fake Contact Information: Phishers are utilizing justinforjustice.com email addresses as false contact information. It’s important to note that the firm does not use this email domain for public communication.
Phishing Attempts through Contact Us Pages: Unauthorized entities are sending misleading information through the firm’s Contact Us pages. Users are urged to avoid clicking on any provided links or disclosing personal information such as name, email, or contact number.

It is imperative for all site visitors and users to exercise caution and avoid engaging with any suspicious links or providing personal information such as name, email, or contact number in response to these fraudulent activities. Additionally, users are advised to contact Farahi Law Firm directly if they have further questions or concerns regarding these fraudulent activities.

Farahi Law Firm remains committed to upholding the highest security standards and protecting its clients and partners from online threats.


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