Mobile application AVTODOM 2.0.8 is available for download in the APP Store and Google Play

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GC AVTODOM and GC AutoSpetsCenter released a new version of the mobile application in March 2024. This greatly simplifies customer interaction with the company’s dealerships. A full-fledged client profile with authorization by phone number has been added to the updated version. The client sees his car with the option of online registration in a few clicks and the history of repair requests and work orders. Registration for the service is built on a dynamic principle. The user can choose a specific location and specialist. He will be able to select the available time taking into account the previously selected parameters. The client can track the status of the work in the app. This is possible thanks to the new functionality.

Updating the mobile digital platform of AVTODOM Group and AutoSpetsCenter Group significantly improves interaction between clients and the company with a modern technology stack. The application is developed on the cross-platform Flutter framework for Android and IOS. This significantly reduces technical support costs. Backward compatibility during updates and increased fault tolerance are achieved through a separate API Gateway in golang. Integration with Firebase makes it possible to systematically record possible errors when working with the service and quickly correct them. Server driven UI implemented for content. It allows changing application screens without having to update. The implementation of AppMetric and Customer Data Platform frameworks was carried out for marketing. This allows creating an omnichannel digital portrait of the client, more finely tune marketing campaigns and push notifications to clients.

The update of the application of the AVTODOM Group of Companies and the AutoSpetsCenter Group of Companies was completed simultaneously with the development of the Client Personal Account on the company’s websites. The functionality that is presented in the application is available to the user in the personal account now. Thus, the customer can choose to use a smartphone or use a computer without installing an application. The entire software package of the Unified Frontal Solution consists of the Avtodom and AutoSpetsCenter websites and a mobile application. It runs on a single architecture that allows clients to move seamlessly between interfaces.

“The company’s new digital transformation policy increases customer focus and solves a number of business problems. This gives an impetus to lead generation due to the segment of regular customers, reduces the time of specialists spent on consultations and significantly relieves the call center. This is a universal tool. It is equally useful to the business and the client”, – Oleg Kuznetsov, Deputy General Director for Digital Transformation of AVTODOM and AutoSpetsCenter Group, commented.

A single frontal solution greatly simplifies the process of choosing and purchasing a car. A unified database of new and used cars has been created. The catalog is equipped with a smart filter, using which you can search by specific parameters, for example, gearbox or body type. The smart filter allows selecting the most suitable options. The option of online viewing of the car interior is available. This allows evaluating it from the inside. You can add the selected options to favorites, compare them, get information about privileges, compare and choose dealerships, ask specialists any questions, and submit a request for a test drive.

The application makes it possible to conduct an online assessment of a car for urgent purchase or sale. Previously, the user had to make an appointment for an inspection through the website or by phone and come to the dealership to calculate the cost. It is enough to provide basic information about the car and contact details to apply for CASCO and MTPL. The user will receive a policy with the most favorable offers from insurance companies.

“The current update of the application is a long-awaited, but only the first step. Our list of improvements is scheduled for the next 1.5 years. We set a goal for 100% penetration of a single frontal solution into the processes of interaction between the company and clients. Our goal is to make sure that all sales and service processes begin and end in the application, so that in the future there will be a quick way for the client to contact the company”, – summarized Oleg Kuznetsov on behalf of Avtodom Group and AutoSpetsCenter Group.