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With the world expanding rapidly, the pursuit of new opportunities abroad has also become increasingly attractive to many individuals and families in India. Thousands of Indians dream every day to live, study, invest, or work in foreign countries. No doubt countries like Canada, Australia, and the US – with strong economies and better opportunities appeal to most, but you need the right immigration consultant to get the application process right & successful.

Many are unsure about the complex application process, that’s where the best immigration consultants in Ludhiana come into play. Known for their unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, Nationwide Visas has emerged as the top choice for those seekin’ seamless immigration solutions in Ludhiana and beyond.

Founded with a vision to simplify the complex immigration process, Nationwide Visas has steadily made a way into the niche with their constant dedication, integrity & unparalleled services. Nationwide Visas, the best RCIC-registered immigration consultant in Ludhiana, has emerged as the go-to destination for individuals aspiring to immigrate to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

They are the most trusted partner in the immigration scene, offerin’ an extensive suite of services – designed to cater to every type of immigration needs a client has.

Top Services by Nationwide Visas for Seamless Process

Nationwide Visas owes its success to the services it offers. Here are some of the services that made them the best immigration Consultants in Ludhiana.

One-on-one Consultation:
At Nationwide, your case is assessed in detail to see whether you qualify for Canada immigration, Australia visas, or others. Suppose you wish to move to Canada from India, Nationwide Visas’ team will use a Canada PR points calculator to check if you score enough points to qualify and if not, offer the best solutions to increase your score for maximum points.

Free IELTS Coaching:
Get free IELTS coaching at Nationwide Visas, required to prove your language skills as a part of most visa applications. Their team provides tailored coaching & courses to prepare you for the final exam, including Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening skills, ensuring success.

Assistance with Documents:
Visa approval depends on how well you have submitted your documents – required as per the visa type. If all your documents are correct and accurate, your chances of visa approval are high. Nationwide Visas has a team of documentation, which offers comprehensive support in preparing and organizin’ your documents for the visa.

Job Assistance:
Indians looking for jobs abroad must reach out to the best immigration consultants in Ludhiana, Nationwide Visas. Here, they’ll help you explore various employment opportunities as per your work experience, skills, and demand for your profession in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

Complete Support:
As Nationwide Visas has committed to deliverin’ unmatched customer services, they are available round-the-clock. They make sure your doubts and questions are resolved at every stage of the journey abroad to make the process smoother.

Post-Landing Services:
Along with the support offered durin’ your immigration journey, you will also be assisted to settle post-landing in the country of your choice. They will help you find accommodation, and jobs, and help with every initial challenge so that you get settled into the new environment without too much hassle.

What do their clients say?

Look at the top 5 reviews posted by those who have availed the services of Nationwide Visas, the best immigration consultants in Ludhiana:
“I signed on with Nationwide in October 2022 for a 3-year agreement towards Canada PR. Received our Federal skilled worker PR for myself and family in December 2023. The process though extensive and long, the guidance and follow-up provided by Nationwide is exemplary. Step-by-step guidance regarding even the tiniest details of the application is provided. We would like to give a shout-out to our case manager, Ms. Goldi Bohit who did an excellent job. We had a difficult time during our application process and she stuck by our side, giving us encouragement and confidence—an extra 5 stars for her. After getting the PR, Nationwide continues to provide us guidance towards our travel and settlement in Canada. I recommend their services for anyone looking to migrate to Canada ????????.” ~ Rohit Prasad

“My name is Rahul Attray. I joined Nationwide in 2021 for a Canada PR visa from India. I had a wonderful experience with Nationwide. My first point of contact was Sonia Ji. She was very forthcoming with all the help she could provide. She kept me up to date on my case and provided me with the best option for moving forward. My case manager was Gurpreet Ji, who handled the technical details and filing of my case. She was very thorough in reviewing every document and was helpful at every stage. I received my PR in November 2023. The process was long and uncertain but the team at Nationwide, especially Sonia and Gurpreet ji, helped me get my PR effortlessly. A big thank you to them and Nationwide!” ~ Rahul Attray

“I am a dentist. My wife is a paralegal consultant. We both approached Nationwide after hearing lots of No since we fall into a regulated occupation. We decided on a study visa but thought of taking a final review, and met Sheethal Shaji and Irfan at Nationwide. She explained all the methods and kept it very transparent and motivated us with confidence. In the initial 6 months, we saw no scopes, regular discussions and documentation showed us no sign but now finally got our PPR request. I recommend Nationwide Visas & Sheethal for genuine Guidance and feedback.” ~ Atulya Sharma

“It was a great experience. My case manager Garima helped me a lot whenever I had any doubts regarding this process. She was reaching to me so quickly and explaining to me how to do it, and what to do systematically because I could clear the steps easily.” ~ Manish Shetty

Why Immigrate Abroad with Nationwide Visas?

Nationwide Visas offers several compelling reasons to choose their services for immigration to these sought-after destinations:

Expertise and Experience of over 17 years
Personalized Approach
Comprehensive Services – From initial consultation to post-landing support
Ethical Practices
Success Stories

A word from the CEO of Nationwide Visas, Mr Rajiv Aroara –

“Here at Nationwide Visas, we are committed to helping individuals achieve their dreams of immigration with integrity, professionalism, and unwavering dedication. Our team works tirelessly to provide personalized solutions and support to every client, ensuring a smooth and successful immigration journey. We take pride in our track record of excellence and look forward to continuing to serve as a trusted partner on your path to a better future abroad.”