Chetu Foundation Volunteers Reconnect with SDBVM School Alumni

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Volunteers from the Chetu Foundation, the non-profit entity of global software solutions and support services provider Chetu, recently reunited with alumni of SDBVM School. These former students, who come from underprivileged communities, shared inspiring stories of resilience and success and expressed their gratitude for the support and education they received.

“This reunion demonstrates the life-changing impact of a transformative education and the Chetu Foundation’s vital support,” said Saurabh Pawar, Operations Head of Chetu India. “These individuals now thrive professionally or in their academic studies, serving as role models within their families and communities.”

A 2019 graduate, Priya, who now works in the banking sector, expressed her gratitude to the school for the education she received and the support that the Chetu Foundation provided over the years.

“The school has helped us so much in our studies. They motivated us and gave us many opportunities to learn dance, computers, drawings, or whether to participate in competitions outside the school,” Priya said. “To be a part of the SDBVM School was the best part of my life.

“I am very thankful to my school and the Chetu Foundation, which supported our studies and showed us they cared,” she added.

Shaili Bansal, Executive Director of the Chetu Foundation, emphasized the organization’s focus on education as one of its core pillars. “These inspiring stories embody the Chetu Foundation’s values, demonstrating the importance of education and community support. We’re proud to be a part of their success.”

Bansal highlighted the ripple effect of supporting the SDBVM School.

“By investing in education, we open doors for children in India, creating opportunities for better futures for them, their families, and future generations,” she said.

Since the Chetu Foundation was founded in 2018, it has supported the school and other educational initiatives in India with financial and moral support, including mentoring, field trips and smart classrooms,

The reunion highlighted the challenges these students overcame and how the combined support of SDBVM School and the Chetu Foundation was pivotal in shaping their success.

“Their determination to overcome financial hurdles and the positive impact of education is truly inspiring,” Pawar said. “The Chetu Foundation remains committed to breaking down educational barriers through mentorship and other vital support at SDBVM.”

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Founded in 2018, the Chetu Foundation is the non-profit subsidiary of Chetu, a global provider of software solutions and support services. Created to aid its team members in their philanthropic interests, the Chetu Foundation’s mission is based on the principles of “Empowering Children,” “Improving the Quality of Life,” “Giving Back to Communities,” and “Creating and Sustaining Change.”

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