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Benefits of Studying in Belgium

Why Belgium

Belgium is world-renowned for its chocolate, waffles and chips, being the birthplace of Hercule Poirot and Tintin, its 1100 types of beer and successful national football team, with players like Kevin de Bruyne and Eden Hazard amassing fans all across the world. Belgian musicians such as Django Reinhardt and Stromae of ”Alors, on danse” fame are hugely popular, but Jacques Brel continues to be the most iconic figure in the Belgian musical pantheon. Belgium is also well-known for its many festivals, liberal spirit and international focus. It has a strong economy and modern infrastructure, and an excellent healthcare and education system.

Study in Belgium

Belgium’s public university fees are extremely reasonable, with the majority of undergraduate courses costing less than 1000 euros a year for EU students. The cost of living in Belgium is lower than in neighbouring countries, and recent alumni state that their overall expenses amounted to approximately 10,000 euros a year. As is always the case, private universities and business schools charge higher fees, and what you spend depends on the type of lifestyle you choose.
Belgian universities have a strong international outlook and offer a broad range of programmes taught in English – particularly at Master’s level. Bachelor’s degrees take three years to complete, and Master’s degrees run from 1-2 years.

Studying in Belgium – choosing a university

Belgium also offers international students the option of attending a University of Applied Sciences, which differs in its aims and methods from the more traditional research universities, listed above. If you would like to study in Belgium, contact Unilife abroad career solutions so you can discuss whether you wish to study at a research university, and get an academic bachelor’s degree. You may discover that your interests and desire for practical, vocational studies could be better met by going to a University of Applied Sciences and following a professional bachelor’s programme. A professional bachelor’s degree combines general knowledge with practical competences, including compulsory internships, and is highly sought-after by employers.

Cost of living

As we just mentioned, the cost of living is another reason to study in Belgium. For starters, public universities in the country are relatively affordable, with yearly fees of around €900 for European students.
In terms of housing costs, students are in a good position too. Belgium has plentiful student housing options and at affordable prices. If you prefer to rent your own place, that’s also an option. Monthly rents in Belgian cities like Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp are relatively affordable. Reaching out to your host university for tips on finding housing is a great place to start.
Otherwise, expenses like food, entertainment and cultural attractions are reasonably priced. Oftentimes, student discounts can come in handy too.

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