Viral YouTube Channel Teaches Babies and Toddlers Spanish

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SAN DIEGO – Spanish language immersion lessons for babies, toddlers and preschoolers impart countless, invaluable benefits that can enhance and improve their growth and experience for the rest of their lives. However, these lessons can be prohibitively expensive and for those who can afford them and want to enroll, there are often extremely long waiting lists. That’s why one mom created a fantastic solution available to everyone by launching the super popular YouTube channel Spanish Immersion for Babies & Toddlers – with Liz.

As Creator Liz De León explains, “I am married with two beautiful babies who inspired this YouTube channel. I specifically created the channel to teach Spanish in a fun, effective and immersive way that I could share with others. I incorporate simple, catchy songs and jingles to help children learn quickly, without it ever getting boring. The lessons also sprinkle in positive values and knowledge of health and safety.”

More than 27,400 subscribe to her channel, where she enthusiastically encourages and guides little ones through their entire day or preschool routine, from the moment they wake up. While learning Spanish they also learn practical things like brushing their teeth, getting dressed, putting on their shoes and jackets and greeting their friends. There are “song lessons” about children’s emotions, visits to the doctor, getting into the car seat and all the other daily things that can be challenging for youngsters and their moms.

Liz also guides kids into the world of shapes, colors, numbers and the ABCs – making learning relevant and exciting. Plus, she teaches them the importance of being kind, respectful and polite while they learn good behaviors like cleaning up after playtime and getting ready for bed.

“Each lesson,” Liz emphasizes, “is a complete adventure carefully crafted to help small children thrive and succeed.”

The Spanish with Liz lessons are also 100 percent portable and instantly accessible 24 hours a day – including children’s tablets that can access YouTube. They can conveniently learn anytime and anywhere – at home, on family vacations, at the park or while sharing the thrill of immersive Spanish with playmates. Whenever they have even a few minutes to spare, they can entertain themselves while being fully immersed in Spanish language learning in a healthy, productive and naturally engaging way.

Research at Harvard, MIT and other leading institutions confirms that the sooner children start to learn, the better. Those who are bilingual enjoy significantly enhanced social and academic skills – as well as greater career and earnings opportunities in an increasingly global world. Growing evidence also suggests that learning a second language provides lifelong cognitive benefits. But unfortunately, as people age it becomes more difficult and time consuming to learn another language. However, children under the age of five have a powerful neurological capacity for acquiring languages. They just need to be given the chance to take advantage of it before it’s too late. Providing that wonderful opportunity to as many youngsters as possible is Liz’s passion and focus.

Liz, who is a native Spanish speaker born in Mexico and now living in Southern California, learned English in elementary school and went on to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA). She studied child development as part of her extensive nursing curriculum and for years has worked with children as a healthcare professional, dance teacher and preschool volunteer. To learn more, visit the YouTube channel Spanish Immersion for Babies & Toddlers – with Liz.