B&R enhances S&OP processes with innovative analytics and decision intelligence software from aionee

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aioneers, a rapidly growing German tech company known for its AI-powered software, the AIO Supply Chain Command Center (AIO SCCC), recently announced a collaboration with B&R, a global leader and pioneer in the automation of machines and factories. This collaboration aims to optimize B&R’s supply chain and order fulfilment processes, a key component of B&R’s Worldclass Business Planning initiative.

As part of its ongoing Worldclass Business Planning initiative, B&R is focused on enhancing the resiliency and efficiency of its supply chain. The primary objectives are to optimize delivery times and costs through the implementation of a system-driven Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process. The collaboration with aioneers will play a pivotal role in supporting analyses and decision-making for B&R along the redesigned S&OP process and beyond. The implementation of aioneers’ AI-powered software, the AIO Supply Chain Command Center (AIO SCCC), will provide a user interface enabling B&R users to gain end-to-end visibility of their supply chain with the help of customized dashboards including graphs, widgets and execution workflows for cross-functional problem-solving based on a comprehensive data foundation with near-real-time data.

The AIO SCCC operates on a closed-loop performance management approach which is based on the See-Understand-Decide-Act-Learn model, effectively integrating predictive and prescriptive analytics. It empowers organizations with valuable insights into potential risks by promptly identifying the root causes of supply chain disruptions. It further provides suitable recommendations for tangible improvement measures and facilitates the development of an extensive best practice library, incorporating prior experiences and knowledge.

Georg Hantschke, Head of Software Sales at aioneers, shared his enthusiasm stating, “Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and aioneers is truly excited to support B&R in further improving its supply chain performance by deploying the AIO Supply Chain Command Center for Sales & Operations Planning and beyond. This will enable B&R to better balance demand and supply, create recurring top and bottom-line benefits and strengthen strategic, tactical and operational decision making.”

B&R’s Head of Operations Austria, Adam-Mwanga Dieckmann underscored the significance of this collaboration, noting “A best-in-class Sales & Operations Planning process is of utmost importance to master supply chain complexities and meet our ambitious growth targets.”

The collaboration between aioneers and B&R represents a milestone in the evolution of supply chain management and order fulfilment. It demonstrates shared commitment to excellence and a vision for a supply chain that is not only optimized, but resilient and agile, setting new industry standards.