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Why Switzerland?

Switzerland stands out as an exceptional destination for businesses worldwide, and for several compelling reasons:

Political and Economic Stability: Renowned for its unwavering political and economic stability, Switzerland boasts a reliable legal framework and robust protection of property rights, providing a secure environment for businesses to thrive.

Business-Friendly Environment: Switzerland consistently ranks among the top in global ease of doing business indices. Its open, transparent, and competitive economy fosters innovation and growth, making it an ideal location for companies looking to expand their reach.

High-Quality Transport Infrastructure: Switzerland’s well-developed transport network, including efficient railway and highway connections, facilitates seamless transportation of goods across Europe, ensuring efficient supply chain management.

Favorable Tax System: Switzerland offers a stable and favorable tax regime, featuring relatively low tax rates compared to other European countries and a range of tax incentives, providing businesses with a competitive edge.

Why Valais?

In addition to Switzerland’s overarching advantages, Valais, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, offers unique benefits for companies seeking to establish their business operations:

Tourism: Boasting spectacular mountain landscapes and a plethora of outdoor activities, Valais is a premier tourist destination. Companies in the hospitality and tourism sector can capitalize on the region’s strong visitor influx year-round.

High-Quality Food Production: Valais is renowned for its exceptional agricultural production, including world-class vineyards and premium dairy products. Businesses in the food sector can leverage access to high-quality local ingredients and a rich culinary heritage.

Renewable Energy: With abundant water resources and mountainous terrain, Valais is a significant hub for hydroelectric power generation. Companies in the renewable energy sector can tap into existing infrastructure and explore innovative projects in sustainable energy.

Technology and Research: Home to esteemed academic institutions and research centers focusing on key sectors like energy, health, and the environment, Valais offers unparalleled opportunities for technology companies to collaborate, innovate, and thrive.

Quality of Life: Valais boasts a high quality of life, characterized by pristine natural surroundings and a myriad of recreational activities. This appealing lifestyle fosters talent attraction and retention, providing employees with a fulfilling work-life balance.

Partner with BLOOM

BLOOM offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of foreign companies seeking to establish their presence in Switzerland. From legal and administrative support to marketing, logistics, and beyond, BLOOM serves as your trusted partner every step of the way.

BLOOM, serving as your single point of contact, offers the following services:

1. Legal domicile
2. Operational headquarters
3. Swiss administrative support
4. Localized marketing
5. Warehousing facilities
6. E-commerce logistics management

Free Feasibility Analysis

As part of our commitment to supporting your business endeavors, BLOOM offers a complimentary initial feasibility analysis to assess the viability of entering the Swiss market.

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