DMG Institute conducted Digital Marketing Workshop for NJ Wealth to grow Mutual Fund Business

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Ahmedabad: Since 2015, Digital Media DMG Pvt Ltd has been offering its services as an MSME and ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company. Over the past few years, we have gained a great deal of expertise in professional services, client managing, and course instruction. We also conduct these kinds of workshops on many subjects at our location as well as at events and educational facilities.

The DMG group has good experience in the field of IT Services, Education, Mutual Fund Investment, Job Placement, Immigration & Visa Consultants.
Here at NJ Wealth in Ahmedabad, the DMG Group held its Digital Marketing Workshop in Nov 2023 to provide Digital Marketing Benefit and how they can grow their Mutual Fund Business through Digital Platform.

The CEO of DMG Group, Mr. Nikul Patel, successfully presented a workshop on digital marketing for mutual fund distributors at NJ WEALTH. He shared with the audience his extensive knowledge of the field and provided excellent examples gleaned from his extensive experience. He provided information about digital marketing, including how to use it, its advantages, and why mastering it is a valuable skill.

The workshop began with MR. NIKUL PATEL introducing the mutual fund distributors of NJ WEALTH to the basics of digital marketing. They learned how digital marketing functions, how important it is to them, and how they can use it to advertise their mutual fund distribution work.

Any firm that wants to succeed in the modern world must have a strong internet presence. To expand its business, it needs digital marketing, which in turn requires digital advertising. Speaking about digital marketing, Mr. Nikul Patel stated, “There are numerous strategies to grow your business online, such as paying for Google Ads advertising and having your website rank well in search results. Digital marketing is also a viable tool for selling mutual funds.

While some of the mutual fund distributors’ participants were unfamiliar with the idea, many of them were familiar with digital marketing. Following a brief lecture on digital marketing, those present were taken through a practical session where they were shown how to use various paid advertising platforms, build their mutual fund business through high growth tactics, and analyze results using digital marketing.

According to the statement, “they gained knowledge on how to use digital marketing to sell mutual funds.” The workshop and presentation by Mr. Nikul Patel at NJ WEALTH were well-received by the participants. Following that, there was a Q&A session where everyone could interact directly with the presenter, guaranteeing a customized learning experience.

“We are grateful for the overwhelming response to this Digital Marketing Workshop,” stated Mr. Nikul Patel. It’s encouraging to see that these distributors of mutual funds are open to learning about digital marketing and how to use it in their mutual fund business. “We are excited to host future events that drive innovation and excellence in the world of digital marketing,” they continued.