David Giller And Helene Abrahams 50 Years’ Celebration For Positive Thinking World Dec. 30, 2023

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By 1977 two years since the Vietnam War, David Giller’s Think Positive World enterprise was strategically established to create positive thinking solutions for fallen or broken societies in the U.S and abroad.

New York, NY – A select group of positive, caring individuals and global leaders will join Think Positive World’s founders in a 50-year celebration of a powerful positivity movement, on December 30, 2023, from 8:00 to 11;00 pm, in Times Square, 1501 Broadway, Fifth Floor in Manhattan, NY. Think Positive World Co-founder/Chair, David Giller, born and raised in the Bronx, has been a noted positive mental and physical lifestyle coach and strategist for positive change since the 1970s. Together, during the past 21 years, with Think Positive World’s Co-founder and wife, Helene Abrams – a SAG-AFTRA actress, screenwriter, film producer, and director, they experimentally and successfully launched most of Think Positive World’s core products and programs, in schools, hospitals, businesses and entire communities/cities, all created and funded by Think Positive World.

The engaging Think Positive World’s Movement Celebration opens with introducing guests to this multi-platformed global mission designed to: Improve individuals’ mental, physical, and spiritual well being; provide tools and strategies for millions of people in cities and communities, worldwide, to develop a positive mindset; launch multimedia platforms incorporating top-tier online/social media positivity initiatives. Entertainers include a special performance from Gerry Polci, former member of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons of his hit song “Oh, What A Night,” and Frank Cirell, who is expected to stun the audience with his rendition of one or two of Tony Bennett’s hit songs.

Honorees and Awardees among guests include Tony Award winner, Ben Vereen, Celebrity; NYC Mayor Eric Adams; NYC Councilman Erik Bottcher; Luis Torres, President NYC Elementary Schools Principals Assoc.; Chris Roker, CEO of Lincoln Hospital; Cheryl Simmons-Oliver, Associate Executive Director Community and Public Affairs at Lincoln Hospital; James Dobbins lll, Founder of Guns Down – Life Up Director of Community Affairs for NYC Health & Hospitals; John Martelli, MPI Productions and partner with the late Freddie Scott; Pastor Gilford Monrose, NYC Community and Faith Based Leader; Raschid Littlejohn, Founder, The Green Campaign/ Guns for Grants, and Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“We want future generations to know that today’s generations broke the cycle of negativity that has been dragging down our planet for decades…that we all came together to play full out…100%…to do everything possible to create a positive, loving, beautiful place where our children, grandchildren and great grand children will have the foundation to build an everlasting peace,” declared David, whose vibrant good looks and charisma defies the age of his approaching birthday.

Radiant Helene, with her Lauren Bacall-like voice, announced that, as part of the many multi-media projects connected to the movement, this special evening will officially release several positive original songs, including the late “Gentle Giant of Soul” singer Freddie Scott’s rendition of “Hey Dad” and “Think Positive America,” which was recorded by Think Positive World 53 years after Freddie’s “Hey Girl” 1963 Billboard’s Top 10 and Rhythm & Blues’ Top Ten charts’ hit, a year before the U.S. Civil Rights Act. Their lead song, “I’m A Person,” to be introduced by spokesperson Dale Allen, which breaks down the cultural, ethnicity, geographical, age and gender barriers that separates us as individuals, has become a Global Anthem for Personal Empowerment, became a Bronx Public School’s theme song for decades, and has been played on radio stations, internet music platforms, and sung on several continents.

“The Think Positive World December 30th event, to be streamed globally, will feature surprise film, media, academia, hospitals and other institutions’ VIPs, who care about our well being, and the wellness of our loved ones, our communities, cities, country and the world,” says David. “We are warriors coming together for the greater good of humanity. It’s time for all of us to step into the ring and create positive, nurturing environments and a culture of peace,” to replace ill-will, hostility, starvation, homelessness, escalated youth violence, poverty and inequality racism!”

This memorable event includes celebrated influencers’ supportive comments and healthy refreshments, reflecting the Think Positive World’s husband and wife’s lifestyle and longevity. Their scheduled 2024, 12-state and 15 major U.S. cities bus tour, and NYC “The Positive Link” International Convention, will spread seeds of goodness throughout the country and globally. Their events’ collage timeline, includes images of Think Positive World’s introduction to UN ambassadors and other dignitaries.

The Event’s Emcee, Pastor Mind-Tuning Philosophy Guru Founder, King Melvin Brown, a SAG-AFTRA actor, Local 802 musician, comedian, singer-songwriter, and Mind-Tuning Multimedia’s WPAT-Radio 9:30 AM and Multimedia TV channel host, states: “Our recent Think Positive and Mind Tuning Philosophy joint venture will historically become a safe-haven empowered global dynamic, positively transforming lives. This tantamount December 30th gathering is 2023s sensational primary date, attracting invited, enthused sources, uniquely celebrating one night before Times Square’s 2024 global-televised New Year’s Eve Celebration.”

Guests RSVPs are required for this private event. Email: poslink31@gmail.com. See us on Facebook for more info. For press inquiries: Email: kingmelvin1952@gmail.com or call: 917.576.8727 or 212.498.9164

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