ATDS Empowers Homeless Army Veteran Through Community Support

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Elm Mott, Texas – ATDS Truck Driving School in Elm Mott has been in the spotlight recently, thanks to the inspiring story of a homeless Army veteran who received overwhelming community support to graduate from the school.

Giann Soto, a 26-year-old North Carolina native, enrolled in the Commercial Driver’s License course at ATDS to start a new chapter in his life. However, during his training, Soto found himself with a balance of $820 for lodging, drug screening, and licensing fees that he could not pay. The school’s admissions representative, Jessica Millsaps, took notice of the veteran’s predicament and decided to reach out to her personal network for assistance. Her online fundraising efforts quickly met the outstanding amount, giving Soto the opportunity to continue with his training.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Soto shared his heartfelt appreciation to Millsaps and the community members who supported him, saying, “They really gave me an opportunity to take care of myself. Pretty much everything I got going on right now is what it meant to me.”

ATDS Truck Driving School is proud to have Giann Soto as one of its graduates. The school’s commitment to supporting its students extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by Millsap’s compassionate actions and the outpouring of support for Soto.

ATDS is committed to providing top-tier training to aspiring commercial truck drivers while remaining dedicated to their overall well-being. The school’s staff and instructors are dedicated to students’ success, and the recent story of Giann Soto is a testament to just how invested the school is in helping its students succeed.

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