Art Exhibition Titled ‘Entice’ Has Been Announced By Contemporary Painting South Coast Art Gallery

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Art Exhibition Titled “Entice” Has Been Announced By Contemporary Painting South Coast Art Gallery. It features a captivating array of still life imagery and concept, harmoniously brought to life through an array of media. Entice is a group exhibition by Alison Mackay, Taz Witkamp, Kate Gorman, Joanne Sisson, Fernanda O’Connell, Peta West and Penny Lovelock. Upcoming and experienced artists with exemplary talent began exhibiting their artwork with live music and artists talk in the opening reception held on the 2nd December evening 7pm. The exhibition ends on the 2nd of January 2024.

The artists uncover a wide range of art forms and converge to redefine the beauty inherent in the everyday life. Diverse artistic expressions come together at Entice to celebrate the essence of indigenous Australian flora and fauna. The art exhibition features the nostalgia of a carefree summer and the moments of sweetness found in everyday life. The contemporary painting South Coast gallery, Gallery Alchemy’s artists visually connect forms by showing contrast, difference and indifference, agreements and disagreements between the objects and life forms. Their exhibition has the ability to collect ideas and highlight them, both within and outside the gallery. It has the potential to be a form of knowledge creation. A research can be portrayed through an exhibition that can kindle emotions and make a point to everyone looking at it.

An art enthusiast who frequents the Gallery Alchemy said,” It’s breathtaking to visit their gallery. Every time I visit it feels like I take a dive into the vibrant collection of paintings that vividly contrast with intricate graphite drawings and bronze sculptures, each revealing its own unique story. From impressionist masterpieces that transport you to sun-kissed moments to hyper-realistic depictions. Each piece of art is unique that captures the minutiae of life. This collection captures the spirit of a slice-of-life, inviting you to explore the extraordinary in the ordinary. The featured artists frequently show a preference for light, colour, craft purity, and a hint of the neuroses and angst of modern life that ultimately transforms into beauty”.

Gallery Alchemy has always represented work across painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and mixed media. With a focus on contemporary and emerging artists with the gallery featuring work with a modern, figurative sensibility that is emotionally rich and poignant, and also conveying wit and humour. The Gallery Alchemy is delighted to present a group exhibition of various artists and exhibit their artwork in their art gallery. Visit to know more about the Gallery and upcoming exhibitions.

About The Art Gallery
Gallery Alchemy is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Milton, NSW. Established Feb 2021, Gallery Alchemy exhibits the work of emerging and established artists & makers by both local and international artists. Stay up-to-date with our latest exhibition schedule by joining our VIP list.