ThrottleNet Reveals The Cost Savings of Enhanced Email Security

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ST. LOUIS, MO — December 18, 2023 — ThrottleNet says as businesses continue to transmit larger and larger amounts of confidential data through email, any gap in email security can lead to a cyberattack and with it a financial impact that can be devastating, no matter the size of the business.

“Cyberthieves are looking to steal and profit from a company’s most sensitive information and data breaches cost businesses millions of dollars each year,” said George Rosenthal, ThrottleNet President. “Email phishing attacks are at the forefront, creating chaos and disruption.”

Rosenthal said companies with poor email protection methods are giving thieves a welcome mat to penetrate their system. He says however companies can escalate their email security practices ensuring their data is safe as possible.
“Businesses need a strategy that includes a range of measures, from robust firewalls and encryption to employment training and security policies,” Rosenthal said. “Special focus should be on three key areas including the prevention of phishing attacks, ransomware protection and a more advanced threat detection process.”

According to Rosenthal, a phishing attack often takes the guise of a legitimate email to deceive recipients into clicking on malicious links or revealing confidential information. “Advanced filters and employee training can help identify and mitigate these attacks. Monitoring should be in real time and sender behavior analyzed to stop an evolving threat.”
“Ransomware is a also a grave threat that encrypts your organization’s data and demands a ransom for its release. Robust email security measures protect against Ransomware including real-time scanning and blocking suspicious attachments. Data backups also need to be readily available.“

As cyber criminals continue to get more sophisticated and bolder in their approach, Rosenthal urges companies to constantly evaluate and update their email practices.

“Cyberthieves are becoming smarter and more daring. They now use social engineering tactics to manipulate recipients into revealing sensitive information or downloading malware. They also use polymorphic malware that constantly changes its code to evade detection. And there is highly sophisticated spear phishing, raising the bar from generic phishing emails to attacks tailored to a specific individual or organization. They try to exploit human psychology and trust, making it most difficult to defend against.”

The financial impact of an email security breach can be devastating, Rosenthal added. This includes data loss and recovery costs, downtime and productivity loss, and reputational damage that can erode customer trust and take months to rebuild.
“IT and cybersecurity companies, such as ThrottleNet, help businesses design and implement email best practices to prevent a financial crisis. The result is to avoid a corporate disaster before it happens.”

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