Dr. Guru Has Announced Consultations for Chronic Back Pain Relief at Cardiff Bay Hospital

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Dr. Guru has announced consultations for chronic back pain relief at Cardiff Bay Hospital. Around 8 out of 10 men and women have back pain or lower back pain. The intensity of pain can vary from mild to severe. Pain can cause difficulties or even impossibility for some people, when it comes to walking, sleeping, working, or engaging in everyday activities. The back pain clinic Cardiff South Wales team at the Cardiff Bay Hospital says,”Certain individuals have a higher chance of experiencing lower back pain than others, while some experience a mild numbing ache. Initially it might not be bothersome, but due to factors like age or stress, it may begin to hinder their routine activities”.

Dr. Rahul Guru in his private pain clinic Cardiff South Wales has been providing special consultation sessions for people who have prolonged back pain also known as chronic back pain. The sessions at the Cardiff back and neck clinic are very informative and create awareness about the risk factors involved in a typical back pain. The back pain risk factors include occupation, age, weight, lifestyle, mental stress, physical stress, illness history, body posture and structure and overall health of a person. There are various methods to know about the possible causes of a chronic back pain. The nerve pain clinic Cardiff South Wales team at the Cardiff Bay Hospital says,” A doctor might suggest one of the following to know about the cause of the pain and locate the root cause of it. A spinal X-Ray, CT scan, MRI or blood tests will be able to tell about the condition of the area of chronic pain. While X-Rays and MRI use radiation and magnetic radio waves to check the area of pain, but blood tests can detect conditions having genetic markers”.

The session will also have a discussion on the various treatments and pain management therapies. Dr. Guru says,” Resting, ice, and taking over-the-counter pain relievers are recommended for lower back pain to improve. You can begin returning to your regular activities after a few days of rest. Being active can help you heal by increasing blood flow to the area”.

Dr Guru believes in providing a solution using a holistic approach and follows the bio-psychosocial model of pain management. This combinational approached has worked for almost all of his patients. Though the medicine and the course of treatment might differ for every individual who has a back pain, but the results are amazing. Many research projects have been led and involved by Dr. Guru, who has also published numerous articles related to back and neck pain in medical journals that are peer-reviewed. To get an appointment for this special session of consultation or to know more about the services like medicolegal reporting Cardiff South Wales visit https://cardiffpainclinic.com/

About The Doctor:
Dr Guru works in the NHS as Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthetics at University Hospital of Wales and University Hospital Llandough. He treats patients with various types of chronic pain conditions and has a special interest in spinal pain, neuropathic (nerve) pain, headache, migraine (Botox for migraine) and cancer pain.