Academy of Universal Metaphysics: Nurturing the Infinite Possibilities Within

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Sheburra Haugsness
8414 W Farm Rd Ste. 180 #271
Las Vegas
NV 89131 
United States

The Academy of Universal Metaphysics proudly announces its unique and visionary approach to education, empowering students to explore the limitless potential within themselves and the world. AUM is not just a school; it’s a movement, a beacon of hope, and a platform for holistic education. This faith-based, nonprofit private school is committed to nurturing the hearts and minds of K-12 students while enriching the entire community. They believe in the power of “Believe and Achieve,” where energy flows where attention goes, and they encourage the students to “LearnCreateJoy.” AUM is breaking new ground as the first K-12 school of metaphysics in the state of Nevada. They aim to provide a personalized and compassionate learning environment that encourages individualized instruction.

The driving force behind the Academy of Universal Metaphysics is Dr. Sheburra A. Haugsness, a passionate educator who understands the transformative power of education and spirituality. Her journey from being a public school teacher in Las Vegas to establishing AUM is a testament to her dedication and belief in the universal law of circulation. She envisions AUM as a leading example of how faith-integrated liberal arts education, combined with community collaboration, can transform the world into a higher existence. AUM embraces all faiths and religious teachings, recognizing them as diverse paths toward self-improvement and deepening the connection with the divine source energy (God). They believe in creating infinite possibilities for our students, and the sky’s the limit.

At the Academy of Universal Metaphysics they offer more than just traditional education. They integrate metaphysical teachings and practices into the curriculum, providing a holistic liberal arts education that prepares students for life, not just exams. This curriculum emphasizes academic “applications,” enabling students to apply their knowledge and skills effectively in their everyday lives. They focus on educational applications, metaphysical discoveries, and community service collaborations to foster socio-emotional development and empower the youth of today and the generations to come. They offer a wide range of subjects, including STEM, Arts, Humanities, Music, Nutrition, Health, and Fitness, while nurturing students’ spiritual growth through the metaphysical curriculum. They understand that working together for a more significant cause fosters purpose, humility, and appreciation for life itself.

The Academy of Universal Metaphysics is a faith-based private school in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering a unique K-12 education that integrates metaphysics teachings, academic applications, and community service collaborations. Founded by Dr. Sheburra A. Haugsness, AUM empowers students to explore their infinite possibilities and contribute positively to the world.