ForgeWell Industries: The foremost Forging Company in India

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Forgewell Limited
Plot 24, DLF Industrial Area, Phase 2
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Starting as a forging company building one drop hammer, ForgeWell Industries has grown into a family-managed company with a complete medium-size structure. Founded in 1978, ForgeWell has dedicated itself to a focused service for its customers and employees. We as a company thus ensure to promote a corporate culture that guarantees a high level of willingness as well as innovation in your work.

Our Collaborations and Services

ForgeWell today has production lines with multiple corporations like Drop Hammers & Ring Rolling. Our services are complemented by Heat Treatment with in-house CNC/VMC Machining as well as Deep Hole Gun Drilling. What we promise to our clients is timely delivery, reliable services, and exceptional product quality. With this, we have won extensive trust and support from our clients.

Our Allies

Four Drop Hammers, Four Ring Rolling Lines, etc., are some of our allied equipment that produces parts corporates. Their produce weighs from 100 grams or 0.2 lbs. to 35 kg or 80 lbs. The elemental substances used for parts generation are Carbon, Alloy, and Stainless Steel. We dedicate more than 95% of our sales are the following:

Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs
Tier-1 Automotive Customers
Requisite Certifications at ForgeWell

Materials procured by ForgeWell from the manufacturer are test-certified which confirms their chemical as well as metallurgical properties, such as hardness. Some of our most common processed materials are the following:

20MnCr5 16MnCr5 35CrMn5 16CrNi4 19CrNi5 18NiCrMo5 (8620H or 4320H) 34CrNiMo6 SAE 4140 42CrMo4 EN43BCr Fe 510D S355J2 ST 52.3 C45 S45C SCM420H Medium or Low Carbon Steel SS 30 SS 316 Stainless Steel

Quality Control at ForgeWell Industries

The Drop Hammer and Ring Rolling production lines at ForgeWell are well-equipped with the requisite quality control equipment as well as stage inspection. We carry out our Quality Control Plan at regular intervals. We are conscious of the areas where clients utilize our products. The quality control at ForgeWell is inseparable from our production unit. The control mechanism is responsible for our product quality.

Forging Process Test Certification at ForgeWell

The central documentation cell of the ForgeWell is recorded for the history of each product, with evidential test results as well as stage inspection reports. We also boast of our manufacturer’s test certificates compiled in a data book. ForgeWell proudly holds the following certifications:

a.) Crack Detection by MPI Machine
b.) Eddy Current Durable Sorter
c.) Ultrasonic Testing
d.) 1 Forging Certification as per EN 10204
e.) Third Party Inspection from TUV, DNV, etc.
f.) IATF 16949:2016 certified by BSI, UK
g.) PPAP documentation with Statistical Quality Control