Innovation Takes Center Stage: TiE Women Global Pitch 2023 Crowns Trestle Labs as Champion

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Akshita Sachdeva, the co-founder and chief of trestle labs, a social impact venture that leverages AI to overcome language, literacy, and print-disability hurdles, impressed the judges with her vision, innovation and secured equity free cash prizes of $25,000 at the recently held TiE Global Pitch Competition for Women at TiE Global Summit 2023, Singapore. TiE Bangalore, a hub of India’s entrepreneurial dynamism, celebrates the remarkable success of its member. The prestigious ceremony unfolded during the TiE Global Summit 2023 in Singapore. Sachdeva triumphed among 1,653 applicants spanning 62 countries, excelling through the Semi-Finals where representatives from 39 TiE Chapters pitched on November 16. Subsequently, she secured her place among the six finalists who presented their ventures at the Finale on November 17.

Trestle Labs’ flagship product, Kibo (Knowledge in a Box), is a patented technology that can speak out any printed, handwritten, or digital text in 60 languages, with a special emphasis on underserved Asian, African, and Indian languages. Kibo, which provides a mobile app, a web app, and two hardware kits, has enabled over 100,000 individuals and 600 institutions to access education and employment opportunities without any obstacle. Trestle Labs has also established partnerships with 10 distributors to extend its presence in 30 countries.

Sachdeva expressed her gratitude to TiE Bangalore and its president, Mr. Madan Padaki, for their guidance and support throughout her journey. She said that the TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023 was a great platform to showcase her innovation and gain global recognition. She also said that the win has opened new horizons for growth and impact for Trestle Labs and Kibo. Akshita Sachdeva shared her experience after winning the Competition, saying – “It’s a privilege to win TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023. It’s not just about the win, but what went behind and what lies ahead. TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023 indeed has been a game-changer for Trestle Labs with amazing mentorship from TiE Bangalore and the global network of TiE members that Tie Women Global Pitch 2023 win has opened up

TiE Bangalore, which has been nurturing and celebrating entrepreneurs since 1999, applauded Sachdeva and Trestle Labs for their remarkable achievement.
Madan Padaki, President TiE Bangalore added “ This is the first time that one of our women entrepreneurs has won the top spot at the TiE Women’s global pitch – this is a testament to the terrific innovation and strong ecosystem support in our city – her success will certainly inspire a lot of other women entrepreneurs on their journeys”.

Madan also highlighted the stellar role of TiE Bangalore in leading a strong Karnataka Delegation to the TiE Global Summit and Singapore Fintech Festival 2023, in collaboration with KDEM and the Karnataka government. The Karnataka Delegation had over 100+ Charter Members, Investors from across Karnataka, including 10 startups who showcased their ventures at #TheKarnatakaWay Start-up Pavilion. The event facilitated meaningful interactions, partnerships, and discussions among TiE members, government officials, investors, industry leaders, and various entities of the Govt. of Singapore including the Economic Development Board, etc..

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