Piles Hospital in Pune: Atharva Hospital Celebrates Superiority in Piles Treatment

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Piles Hospital in Pune
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Atharva Hospital located next to Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Market in Pune is a renowned hospital offering specialized treatments for piles, fissures, fistulas, and several other health conditions. Their BEIM (Biological Electrical Impedance Automeasurement) technology is now famous around the country offering state-of-the-art surgical procedures for piles. Over the years, it has been proudly continuing its legacy of providing the best possible piles treatments including non-surgical and surgical treatments. It’s now a trusted piles hospital in Pune. If you are looking for the best surgeons and infrastructure for piles operation or treatment, visit the hospital as soon as possible.

Piles are a common disease in India. almost 10 million people suffer from piles annually. Treatments for piles are available almost in every hospital but you must visit only a trusted hospital for a permanent solution. Some categories of piles are visible from the outside, they are called external hemorrhoids. Some categories of piles are not visible from the outside they are called internal hemorrhoids. Besides, there are prolapsed piles that have grown bigger with time and protrude out and thrombosed piles that develop with clotted blood. At Atharva Hospital in Pune, patients get treatments for all kinds of piles. Some piles need immediate operation while some can be treated non-surgically. Doctors decide the treatment procedure after diagnosing the severity of the issue and consulting with the patients.

Atharva Hospital’s specialization in piles treatment includes a comprehensive range of healthcare services including pre-operation and post-operation treatments and medical care. They offer minimally invasive procedures with BEIM technology. BEIM technology was brought to India by Dr. Sandip Agarwal, the founder and director of this highly trusted piles hospital in Pune. This is the latest technology enabling no cut, no suture, and no wound surgery for piles. In this hospital, the diagnosis of piles is also easy and fast with the latest special in-clinic Proctoscope. The whole process of diagnosing and surgical procedures takes half an hour. That means, within a few minutes, your several months or years of pain and bleeding will vanish forever.

Every year, Atharva Hospital has been treating thousands of patients with piles, fissures, fistulas, dental problems, and several other health issues. Over 10 years, the Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Sandip Agarwal and Dr. Snigdha Agarwal has undertaken more than 5,000 surgeries. Expert doctors, surgeons, nurses, and supporting staff work relentlessly to offer high-quality medical service to every patient. The hospital has been bestowed with several prestigious awards for their unrelenting commitment to excellence and significant contributions in the field of healthcare. In the future, BEIM technology will take the leading role in piles surgery.