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Raleigh, NC, Nov 02, 2023 – The Automotive Service and Tire Alliance (ASTA) invites automotive enthusiasts, educators, families, and the local community to come together in support of two exceptional automotive education programs in North Carolina. This event promises valuable insights into the power of collaborative efforts in shaping outstanding automotive training. Participants will discover the formula for success when a community unites to nurture the automotive talent of the future.

1. Watauga High School: Setting the Gold Standard for Automotive Education
Watauga High School has earned its reputation as the benchmark for automotive education in North Carolina. Not just an ordinary classroom, it boasts a fully operational auto repair shop that serves primarily as a training ground for students, allowing them to learn every aspect of the auto repair process. The school’s instructor, Erik Mortensen, is nothing short of extraordinary. His unwavering passion has made the school a hub for automotive excellence, with over 200 participants regularly attending advisory council meetings. Erik’s dedication has earned him national recognition as an elite instructor.

2. Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute: Building Stronger Ties with ASTA
At Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, we have a unique opportunity to establish a closer relationship with the executive leadership of both organizations. This connection has the potential to foster further engagement at the state level, benefiting both the Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute and ASTA and its programs.

Event Schedule :
• 11/17/2023 -5:30PM: Watauga High SchoolOpen House and Cookout
300 Go Pioneers Dr, Boone, NC 28607
• 11/18/2023 – 9:00AM – 3:00PM: Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute Training and Advisor Council Meeting
Auto Body / Auto Mechanics Campus 3030 Hickory Blvd. Hudson, NC 28638
Training Sessions:

Tire Repair: TIA Certified Instructor, Garth Overcash, teaching a basic tire repair class. This will include how to properly repair a passenger or light truck tire, which repairs should or should not be made, and the purpose or proper torque of lug nuts and lug bolts.

Diag Process: Speaker Brandon Dills of Jarhead Diagnostics will be covering the steps he goes through in the diag process. Dive into why developing and homing in on your diagnostic process will help you and your shop. Brandon will go through his diagnostic process, step by step in detail. Whether you are a seasoned diagnostician, or just starting your journey down automotive diagnostics.

Becoming a True Shop Owner: During this talk, Rick White, lead coach with 180BIZ, will discuss the pathways often used to transition from technician or service advisor to shop owner and cover what the experience of owning an auto repair shop should really be like!

This talk is great for students and technicians considering a pathway to shop ownership, instructors who hope to have more insight to provide their students, AND shop owners who want to see if their experience in shop ownership is as it could and should be.

This event promises to be a remarkable opportunity for ASTA members and all those interested in supporting automotive education excellence. By attending, you will not only witness these outstanding programs in action but also gain invaluable insights into how you can contribute to your local automotive education program’s advisory board. Discover the best ways to engage students and help them grow in the dynamic and rewarding automotive industry.

For more information and to RSVP for this event, please visit Witness the Possibilities.

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