Sales of Aito electric vehicles will start at AVTODOM Pulkovo in St. Petersburg

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AITO is a brand of Chinese premium cars. Car company Seres (Sokon) and technology giant Huawei jointly operate it. It was founded in 2021 and specializes in the production of hybrid and electric vehicles. The brand name is an acronym for adding intelligence to auto. Huawei is responsible for intelligence and Seres is responsible for the production of cars in this duet.

AITO M5 is a sequential hybrid with all-wheel drive. This makes it possible to operate the car for a long time without additional recharging. The car has dimensions of 4770 × 1930 × 1625 mm with a wheelbase length of 2880 mm. The trunk volume is 369 liters, 776 liters with the seats folded down. Electric drive power is 496 hp. The total range is up to 1200 km. The salon is equipped with a dual-zone climate system with an air aromatization system, airbags and curtain airbags. The steering wheel is trimmed with Nappa leather. Driver and front passenger seats are electrically adjustable with 12-position adjustment, heating, ventilation and massage functions. The cost of a car starts from 7 million rubles.

AITO M7 is a full-size crossover with a serial hybrid. It comes in two versions: Luxury and Flagship. It has dimensions of 5020 x 1945 x 1770 mm with a wheelbase of 2820 mm. The car is equipped with two electric motors developed by Huawei. Maximum total power is 449 hp. The equipment of this model includes a powerful Huawei sound system with 19 speakers. Four of them are built into the headrests. A large screen with a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a high-resolution central panel, a facial recognition system, automatic parking, adaptive cruise control, proprietary HarmonyOS, first and second row seats with ventilation and massage. The cost of AITO M7 starts from 8 million rubles.

MB RUS guarantee is provided for new Aito cars for 2 years or 100 km. Registration of compulsory motor liability insurance and comprehensive insurance policies, car loans and leasing are available when purchasing new products from Aito. Purchasing a car through a trade-in system is also possible. New and used cars are on sale. Customers can use the service, take a test drive and receive a guarantee of the legal purity of the car and a competitive price.

“The high-tech premium car brand AITO is the epitome of innovation, comfort and elegance. It can be a real discovery for our clients. The new AITO M5 and AITO M7 models combine luxurious interiors, dynamics, agility and handling. Powerful electric motors ensure high-energy efficiency. We invite customers to our dealerships to evaluate the unique technological innovations of AITO. We are confident that AITO cars will become the choice of those who are looking for advanced technologies, safety and comfort”, – Mikhail Glumov, Director of the AVTODOM Pulkovo commented.