Professional Trader Brandon Wendell, CMT to Share Secrets at Free Class

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With a background managing a $50 million hedge fund, Wendell will share expert trading tips. The hour-long session allows Q&A at the end.

New York, NY – Brandon Wendell, CMT, who has traded professionally for 25 years, will share many of his secrets at a free online class that’s called, “Trade Like a Pro.”

Wendell is an instructor with Wealth Builders HQ, a trading education company that has taught thousands of students how to make money in the stock market. He will teach several sessions of his class “Trade Like a Pro” starting on October 19th, 2023.

“There are many things that most students can learn from professional traders,” Wendell said. “This is an opportunity for me to share some of my knowledge and potentially help direct aspiring students toward a more productive trading experience.”

Wendell has lengthy experience trading on the corporate and personal level. He began his career with an agency and was a trader for a brokerage. From there he attained the accreditation as a Chartered Market Technician and went on to manage a $50 million hedge fund.

Wendell, who lives in South Florida, has taken many of the successful concepts he learned as a professional and used them to make money in his personal trading. Over the years he has mastered many concepts that he has taught to students and helped them reach their personal goals.

“I remember what it was like when I got started. It wasn’t easy,” Wendell said. “If I can help students avoid some of the same mistakes and benefit from my experience, I’m happy to do it. I believe this class can help all classifications of students – from beginners to veterans who are trying to find an edge.”

In the “Trade Like a Pro” class, Wendell will share many of these tips, techniques and strategies that have made him such a popular instructor. The class will last an hour and attendees will be able to submit questions at the end of the seminar.

Wendell is the host of Wealth Builders HQ’s “E-Mini Think Tank” that meets live three days each week and helps students learn how it is possible to make money in the futures market. He is also part of the Coaches Trading Playbook rotation and has taught many other classes designed to give students the potential to make money in the market.

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Wealth Builders HQ is a trading education company that prides itself in teaching students how to make money in the stock market. Students learn techniques and strategies that make them better equipped to make smarter decisions and better trained to find the best opportunities to make potential profits and reach their personal financial goals.

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