HDTV Supply Introduces Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers to Revolutionize AV Distribution

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Los Angeles, CA: Oct 28, 2023 – HDTV Supply, a prominent provider of high-quality audio and video equipment, is excited to announce the launch of its latest website: Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers, now available at www.fiberopticmatrixswitchers.com. These state-of-the-art matrix switchers are set to redefine the world of AV distribution, offering superior performance, flexibility, and scalability for professional applications.

HDTV Supply’s Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers mark a significant leap forward in the field of audiovisual distribution.

Whether you are a professional in the realm of corporate meetings and conference rooms or a home theater enthusiast seeking the ultimate AV experience, HDTV Supply’s Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers provide the adaptability and versatility needed for a wide range of applications.

“We are excited to launch our new website for Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers,” said a spokesperson, at HDTV Supply. “Our customers rely on us for high-performance AV solutions, and our new Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers represent our commitment to delivering top-notch products that excel in both quality and flexibility. We are thrilled to offer a solution that meets the diverse AV distribution needs of our customers.”

These WolfPack Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers allow users to switch LC fiber signals where there is a need to connect multiple fiber sources to multiple fiber or sources and/or 4K HDMI devices up to one mile away. These Fiber Optic Matrix Routers are very secure, as they are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

All have 80ms seamless switching, zero (20ms) latency, support any size or quantity of video walls, have tablet app control & come in sizes from an 8×8 to an 160×160…with all in stock with free USA shipping.

These WolfPack Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers Feature:

Ships in ~5 Days after Building & Testing

Supports up to 160-Fiber Optic Ins & Fiber Optic Outs

Uses Single Link Fiber Optic In & Fiber Optic Out Cards

Supports Video Wall Processing with 180° TV Flipping

Control via iPad App, Android App & Web Browser (WEB GUI)

40-Preset SAVE & RECALL scenes

Fast 80ms Switching

Only 20ms Latency

Created in a Universal Chassis

Supports 16×9, 4×3 & Zoom Aspect Ratios

DIP Switch resolution scaling on each card

Custom control via RS232 and TCPIP

Universal Power Supply

Optional HDMI In & Out cards

Optional HDMI via CAT6 (HDBaseT) to 330′

Optional VGA, RGB, & Fiber to 1 mile

3-Year Advance Replace Warranty

Free USA Shipping

Free International Shipping w/Wire Transfer

Save 5% buying with a Check or Wire Transfer

Overall, our WolfPack Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers are versatile and powerful devices that can be used in a variety of applications to improve the performance, scalability, reliability, and security of networks.

HDTV Supply, and its subsidiary, Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers, is committed to providing its customers with the best possible products and services. The company offers a wide range of support options, including online documentation, technical support, and training.

The new WolfPack Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers are available now, please visit https://www.fiberopticmatrixswitchers.com/

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