Health Home Environmental’s Practical Tips On Emergency Evacuation Planning

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Idaho Falls, ID – Having a ready and robust plan that aids emergency evacuation from a home or building when disaster strikes can often reduce the long-term collateral Impact on life and possessions, advises the specialists from Health Home Environmental Services Idaho Falls.

The company has become the go-to choice for indoor air healthy in handling everything from property restoration, asbestos, radon, disinfection, water pipe bursts, biohazards and more.

As part of its engagement with the Idaho Falls community, the family-owned company has provided guidance on how residents and businesses in Idaho Falls can prepare for emergencies and evacuations in the event of fires, floods, or storms.

One of the first practical tips they recommend is to list important numbers you will need to utilize in an emergency. Not only those of loved ones and family, but local authorities and emergency services in case you need to call them.

This is also true of getting notifications sent to your phone from your service provider or via a free app from the emergency services that may provide warnings ahead of predicted storms for the area, or emergency alerts or information when disaster does strike a neighborhood.

The Health Home Environmental Services team suggests making an action plan for the family so that each member knows what to do and is prepared if and when the time comes. Things like designating meeting points, writing down a mini-contact list, and making a copy for each member. There should be a point of contact from the immediate family so they can receive information from those affected and relay this back to emergency authorities if needed.

Another good idea is to make up an emergency bag ready to go in case of emergencies. This can store essential items and supplies and keep them in a part of the house where you can grab them quickly. Recommended items include at least two days’ worth of food and water, a first aid kit, batteries, a whistle to signal for help, a battery-operated flashlight, maps, a cellphone, personal sanitation items and a store of money.

The company also recommends you keep documents and paperwork, such as passports, bank documents, wills, birth certificates, and social security information, in a sealed waterproof container and in a safe place.

If you are able to return after a disaster to home, then take necessary precautions to assess damage outside and inside the house, inspect electrical appliances, and do a general check-over.
With Healthy Home Environmental Services, their team of experts are licensed and qualified to pick up the pieces from emergencies and help families and clients rebuild their homes. They offer free phone consultation, comprehensive services, competitive pricing, bespoke action plans and secured privacy.

Their services have been widely praised by their clients in several testimonials. Client Cindy D said: “Healthy Home Environmental has been an invaluable resource as we have worked through dealing with our mold crisis in our home. Their customer service and care is amazing and deeply appreciated! Brenda has been so friendly and patient in answering all of my questions, helping me to feel educated, and directing me to the resources I need. We will continue to look to them for information and services as needed. We would highly recommend this company to anyone!”

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