Virgin’s Latest Flight Sale: 500,000+ Fares from $45!

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Looking to kick off the new year with a fresh set of travel plans? If your tradition involves ringing in the new year with a change of scenery, then you’re likely already considering where to jet off to as 2023 turns into 2024. Virgin is here to provide some enticing options, offering budget-friendly fares to destinations like Hamilton Island, Bali, Fiji, and Tokyo in their latest sale.

This expansive collection of discounted flights encompasses over 500,000 fares, covering both domestic and international routes. Prices start at an enticing $45, which, once again, allows you to hop from Sydney to Byron Bay — a perennial favorite in any flight sale — and back. From there, the domestic offerings extend to diverse locales, including the Sunshine Coast, Hobart, Canberra, and Broome. If you’re hankering for a journey to the Gold Coast, Cairns, Launceston, Alice Springs, or Darwin, those options are on the table as well.

This opportunity to book a getaway is available until midnight AEST on Monday, October 23, or until tickets sell out. The sale applies to fares for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

This means you can secure a one-way ticket from Melbourne to Launceston for just $59, or embark from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast for $69. If Brisbane to Hamilton Island is more your speed, that’s an option too, starting at $109. Other domestic routes include Sydney to Hobart from $85, Melbourne to the Gold Coast from $109, Sydney to Adelaide from $125, Brisbane to Melbourne from $129, and Perth to Broome from $189.

For international travel, Tokyo beckons, with return flights starting at $699 via Cairns.

Among the other global options: Bali (from $449 departing from Adelaide or the Gold Coast, $559 from Brisbane, and $629 from Melbourne or Sydney), Fiji ($509 from Brisbane, $529 from Sydney, and $579 from Melbourne), Vanuatu ($569 from Brisbane), and Samoa ($579 from Brisbane).

Queenstown also makes the list, with both one-way and return options. One-way flights from Sydney start at $259, while returns begin at $445. Departing from Melbourne, one-way fares start at $265, with return options from $425. Departing from Brisbane, one-way fares begin at $295, with return options starting at $515.

Wondering about travel dates? These fares cover select periods between Tuesday, January 16 and Thursday, August 29, 2024, with dates varying by route.

Keep in mind that inclusions may differ based on your ticket type, and as is customary with flight sales, prompt action is advised if you’re eager to spend some or all of the next year exploring beyond your doorstep.