Telephony Provider Launches Fixed Line On Mobile Packages for Business Users

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Maastricht, The Netherlands – Business telephony provider Redworks has announced the launch of a fixed line on a mobile phone package for corporate clients.

Redworks, a leading business-only telephony provider in the Netherlands, recently launched their latest “fixed line on mobile” package. This empowers businesses to provide their employees with a SIM card that acts as a full business-enabled phone number.

The Redworks business mobile line works on a number of levels. It can originate and receive phone calls from multiple phone numbers in the traditional mobile format, which starts with “06” in The Netherlands, and landline formats and foreign phone numbers.

The package provides the option to transfer lines, integrate with MS Teams, record all phone conversations, and more.

Redworks allows its subscribers to make phone calls to 89 countries worldwide for a flat fee, and they can enjoy free roaming in all 27 EU member states.

With a fixed mobile integration, your fixed and mobile lines merge. You can choose to record calls to your landline number with your landline or mobile phone. And you can also call out from a landline number on your mobile.

This way, an organization appears professional at all times and has the option, for example, to forward calls to a landline number outside working hours to a voicemail. A receptionist can also seamlessly forward incoming calls to your mobile device.

This is just one of several packages offered by Redworks, which has become a robust business telephony provider in The Netherlands.

With Redworks’ business landline and mobile telephony, business clients can call over their own telephony network with crystal clear HD call quality and 99.98% uptime. If necessary, it can also provide reliable business internet.

Their competitively priced calling bundles always include unlimited calling within the Netherlands and optionally within the EU or even 89 advantage countries worldwide. This guarantees predictable, low monthly costs.

Companies looking to switch to Redworks usually ask whether they can keep their own numbers. Thanks to number porting from Redworks, it ensures that all numbers are retained, and you can continue using them – just like with your previous telephony provider.

Redworks offers many advantages. Clients immediately have insight into how many calls are made, the costs, and where improvements can be made. This environment is also always improved on a technical level by its own technicians. In addition, the costs are manageable, making telephone connections easily scalable.

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