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Delta Fitt Inc is a leading Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturer in India. Stud bolts are threaded rods with two threaded ends used to secure flanges and other components of piping systems. On one end, the stud bolt is inserted into a tapped hole and fastened with a nut. They provide a sturdy and stable method of connecting components. Delta Fitt produces fittings and related products such as stud bolts.

These SS stud bolts Come In Five Typical Types : Stud Bolt Manufacturers In India

Full Threaded Stud Bolts: These stud bolts are threaded the entire way through. They can be applied in situations where the entire length of the bolt must be engaged in the joint due to their adaptability.

Double-Ended Stud Bolts: Threads on both ends of double-ended stud bolts are the same length. They are utilised in applications where components on both sides of a flange or other assembly must be linked.

Tap End Stud Bolts: A fully threaded end and an unthreaded (plain) end are both present on tap end stud bolts. The threaded end accepts a nut, while the unthreaded end goes into a tapped hole. They are frequently employed when there is a lack of room or when the bolt must extend past the nut to facilitate assembly.

Continuous Thread Stud Bolts: Continuous thread stud bolts have a continuous thread that runs the length of the bolt but has distinct thread sizes at each end. This allows them to fit various nut sizes on each end.

Reduced Shank Stud Bolts: Reduced shank stud bolts feature an end with a smaller diameter. When a smaller size nut is needed or when the clearance hole for the stud is smaller than the threaded section, they are employed.

Delta fitt may offer more specialized types of stud bolts or custom-designed options based on specific requirements of their customers. Always refer to their product catalog or website for the most up-to-date information on the types of stud bolts they provide.
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Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Manufacturer in India – Delta Fitt Inc
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