Hamilton Plaza Animal Hospital Announces Specials for September and October 2023

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HAMILTON, — Hamilton Plaza Animal Hospital, a provider of quality veterinary care, is thrilled to announce their upcoming specials for the months of September and October 2023. These offers are part of the hospital’s commitment to providing affordable, quality care for pets.

In September, all senior and pre-surgery bloodwork will be offered at a generous 20% discount. This offer aims to encourage pet owners to prioritize routine health checks for their aging companions and secure necessary medical procedures with confidence.

October brings with it another exciting opportunity for pet owners to invest in their pet’s health. A 20% discount on all dental procedures will be available throughout the month. This special encourages pet owners to pay attention to dental health, a critical yet often overlooked aspect of pet care.

For more detailed information on these specials, please visit https://hpahospital.com/.

About Hamilton Plaza Animal Hospital

Hamilton Plaza Animal Hospital, located in Dacula, GA, is dedicated to providing top-notch veterinary services to small animals as well as some exotic pets. Their team of experienced veterinarians and animal health technicians is committed to improving the quality of life for your pets.

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