AVTODOM Group provides uninterrupted service maintenance of Audi

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AVTODOM, one of the largest official Audi dealers in Russia, prepared for all possible options for the development of the situation with the availability of software in advance. The company has uninterrupted access to all information regarding Audi car repair technologies and to all the necessary directories and catalogs today. Service centers AVTODOM Audi constantly improve the level of service. Therefore, the company has replaced more than 85% of the previously used software (ELSA after-sales dealer software, ETKA parts selection catalog, ODIS vehicle diagnostic and repair software, etc.) with alternative software now.

Own channels for gaining access to car diagnostic services and selection of spare parts are established in dealerships. Warranty repair of Audi imported into the territory of the Russian Federation by LLC FGR is carried out without any restrictions. In addition, AVTODOM provides its customers with a dealer warranty for all purchased and serviced vehicles. This means that the situation with the limitation of the work of service applications did not affect the customers and the maintenance of Audi cars in the service centers of the AVTODOM Group of Companies. The company uses original intelligent solutions for diagnostics and maintenance of Audi vehicles. The whole range of services is provided in full.

“Alternative channels allow us to have almost complete access to the original software. We noted a certain nuance in the work of services. These are some delays in updating individual programs. At the same time, these are not the time intervals that can somehow affect the quality or speed of car service. The only negative that has formed after the manufacturer’s restrictions on the use of service software is the inaccessibility of the electronic service book, since it cannot be copied. However, this problem does not exist for our customers. You can always restore the history of car maintenance according to past work orders and completed maintenance with us. At the same time, we received an undeniable advantage – complete independence from the manufacturer. This means that no possible new restrictions will be able to affect our work”, – commented Aleksey Kirdyashov, managing director of the Audi brand, AVTODOM Group of Companies.