Atharv Hospital, the Best Place for the Treatment of Piles, Fissure, and Fistula in Pune

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Atharv Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Pune rendering high-quality medical services with a fine amalgamation of quality and technology to patients coming from different locations of Pune. Atharv Hospital boasts state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the latest advancements in medical technology. From advanced diagnostic equipment to innovative surgical tools, the hospital’s infrastructure is designed to provide patients with accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. The hospital’s team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals, including doctors, surgeons, nurses, and support staff, are dedicated to delivering compassionate care of the highest quality. The hospital has been a recipient of the Gaurav Maharashtra Award that was conferred for “Excellence in Surgery” in the year 2018. In addition to this, the hospital has also received over fifty awards for its exemplary services in the healthcare sector.

Atharv Hospital is a beacon of excellence in healthcare that has introduced patent technology of Biological Electrical Impedance Auto-Measurement or BEIM technology for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Located in Pune, this hospital is poised to redefine healthcare standards, especially for piles, fissure, and fistula treatment through a unique combination of advanced medical technology, experienced professionals, and patient-centric care. Dr. Sandeep Agarwal, Director of Atharv Hospital has come out with a no cut, no suture, and no wound surgery for the piles treatment. This surgery is completed within 10-15 minutes and patients get relief from their years-long suffering. The hospital has successfully carried out over 5000 surgeries in the last ten years of its operation.

Atharv Hospital offers a comprehensive range of medical services, encompassing various specialties to meet the diverse healthcare needs of the community. Patients can avail treatment for diverse ailments like piles, fissures, fistula, dental, and many more. The hospital’s multidisciplinary approach ensures that patients receive integrated care tailored to their individual health requirements. At Atharv Hospital, patient well-being and comfort are at the forefront of everything. The hospital is committed to providing a warm and welcoming environment that fosters healing and recovery. The patient-centric approach extends to personalized treatment plans, where medical professionals collaborate with patients to create healthcare strategies that align with their goals and preferences.

About Atharv Hospital – Atharv Hospital is a leading healthcare institution dedicated to providing exceptional medical care through a combination of advanced technology, experienced professionals, and patient-centric approaches. Located in Pune, the hospital offers a wide range of medical services across various specialties, all aimed at improving patient well-being and contributing to medical advancements.

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