Knowledgeum Academy celebrated Independence Day with a perfect blend of Art and History

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Bengaluru, August 17, 2023: Knowledgeum Academy, a leading IB World School and Cambridge International School backed by JAIN Group, organised their second edition of Independence Day. To glorify the creative and artistic hue of our nation, the event displayed mesmerising cultural dances and spirited musical performances. The fervour of patriotism and pride was on full display as learners showcased the diverse heritage of our country and shared a medley of traditions through their artistic choreography and colourful attires. In addition to paying homage to the country’s freedom fighters, an earnest sense of belonging among themselves was ignited.

To add further flavour to the Independence Day celebrations, the learners and educators of Knowledgeum Academy collaborated on an enormous mural painting on a 40 feet canvas to commemorate the 77th Independence Day. This outstanding visual masterpiece paid a tribute to the nation’s persistent spirit and its journey towards progress through individual art creations. This collective effort was a classic example of the unity, diversity, and resilience that outline the nation, represented through captivating visuals and imagery.

Mr. Kalai Rajan, Head of the School, Knowledgeum Academy said “We are extremely proud of our students for taking up this unique initiative to celebrate Independence Day through the pulsating language of art. The mural painting and dance performances not only showcase the artistic integrity of our nation, but also represent our students’ deep understanding of the cultural and historic significance of this day.”

About Knowledgeum Academy: Knowledgeum Academy an IB World School and Cambridge International is backed by JAIN Group, an education provider in India having 30 years of legacy. It is a place where the mind and heart come together for an immersive learning experience. At Knowledgeum Academy, the learners will be provided with an engaging environment that is highly stimulating, interactive, and reflective.