Vinculum and SellerApp Join Forces to Actuate 300+ Brands to Prodigious Heights on ONDC

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Vinculum Group, a leader in omnichannel SaaS software and SellerApp, a leading e-commerce analytics company, have announced a strategic partnership to empower more than 300 brands including industry leaders and disruptors Atomberg, Godrej Interio.

This collaboration aims to enhance the visibility of these brands and provide access to a wide range of fulfillment options that allow businesses to sell across multiple channels.

With its advanced technology and comprehensive ecosystem, ONDC offers a seamless platform for brands to showcase their products, expand their reach, and tap into the vast potential of the Indian e-commerce market.

Venkat, Founder of Vinculum, expressed his confidence in ONDC, stating, “We are delighted to partner with SellerApp to bring our customers to the ONDC network. We believe that ONDC’s will be the ecommerce equivalent of UPI and provide brands with unprecedented opportunities for profitable growth and expansion. With this strategic alliance, we will help brands to increase their online presence.

The strategic partnership between Vinculum and SellerApp aligns perfectly with the latest improvements in ONDC, further enhancing their capabilities and driving growth. With SellerApp’s partnership, Vinculum extends its Industry leading product listing, order management and warehousing software in allowing brands to leverage advanced e-commerce analytics, improve their presence, seamlessly manage their operations with data-backed insights and deliver exceptional shopping experiences to customers.

Dilip Vamanan, Co-Founder of SellerApp, highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships for success, saying, “Through our extensive work with sellers over the past 12 months, we observed that fill rate had been a significant challenge for sellers. With this partnership, we are bridging the gap by offering smooth technical integration to the brands. Together, SellerApp and Vinculum aim to empower brands to optimize their operations and overcome challenges to achieve sustainable growth.”

As ONDC continues to evolve and innovate, this strategic partnership and shared resources between Vinculum and SellerApp sets the stage for a transformative journey. Furthermore, participating brands can thrive, adapt, and succeed in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.

About Vinculum
Vinculum Group is a market-leading omnichannel SaaS software provider, empowering brands to syndicate product data seamlessly, expand reach through web stores and online marketplaces, and manage orders and inventory across channels. We enable fulfillment from any point in the supply chain and support B2C and B2B marketplace setups. With over 400 satisfied customers, our deep-tech software suite has earned recognition from AWS’s Global Supply Chain Competency Cohort and top industry analysts and review sites like Gartner, Forrester, and G2. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and customer satisfaction has solidified our position as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving landscape of omnichannel retail and supply chain management.

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About SellerApp
SellerApp is an advanced e-commerce analytics company that helps brands maximize their sales and drive profitability on online marketplaces. With data-driven insights, keyword research, and product research tools, SellerApp empowers sellers to make informed decisions, optimize their listings, and achieve success in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape. SellerApp helped brands including, Coca Cola, Samsung, Philips, and Display Technologies to empower their market intelligence, automation, and business operations.
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