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Composite parts and moulds manufacturing is the process of manufacturing components or objects with the help of composite materials. These composite materials are generally formulated with two or more distinct materials. The best composite materials companies use the state-of-the-art process to manufacture composite materials as per clients’ requirements.

In composite materials, generally, two types of materials are used. Sometimes, more than two materials are also used as the client’s manufacturing process demands. One material called a matrix holds the reinforcement materials and then creates protection surrounding the reinforcement materials. This matrix materials can be polymers, ceramics, metals, or many other substances whereas the reinforcement materials are generally different types of fibers. ROCKMAN Advanced Composites involve in manufacturing composite parts using composite materials.

The process involves the perfect layering or arranging of the reinforcement materials like glass or carbon fibers over matrix materials in a systematic way as per the pre-planned design and composite requirements. The composite parts are used in various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and marine. The composite materials companies like ROCKMAN Advanced Composites pay the utmost attention to delivering standard quality products to clients. Over the years, ROCKMAN Advanced Composites has been serving the automotive and several other core industries. The key sectors they serve include high-end vehicles, electrical vehicles, motorbikes, aerospace, defense, space applications, railways, medical applications, renewable energy, luxury goods, and sports goods.

The prominent composites manufacturer has worked in a wide variety of Carbon, Glass, Kevlar, and Hybrid prepregs with a variety of resin systems. Their infrastructure includes 2x Prepreg ZUND cutting machines with a bed size of 1.3 X 2.5m, 3x freezer with a total 12000 sq.m Prepreg storage capacity(at-18°C), 4x Autoclaves (ACS & ITALMATIC) with a maximum working diameter of 1.5m / length of 4.5m, 3x programmable ovens with maximum working envelope being of 3m x 2m x 6m, 2 Class 8 cleanroom & various laminating rooms, and dedicated trimming, assembly, bonding areas with vapour matt wet blasting machine.

Extreme care is taken in design and analysis, mold fabrication, preparation of composite materials, layup, curing and hardening, demolding, and finishing.

Composite materials companies manufacture composite materials with multiple advantages such as maximum corrosion resistance, high weight-to-strength ratio, high operating flexibility, and the best possible design flexibility.

At ROCKMAN Advanced Composites, over 25000 parts are produced annually and these are exported to more than 10 countries across Europe and America. This unit is the composites division of the famous Rockman Industries Ltd.

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