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Hayward, California, August 08, 2023: Sharp Fluidics is pleased to announce that they are improving safety in the surgical suite with their revolutionary suture technology. Surgeons can use the NeoClose robotic and laparoscopic surgical closure system or the Operative Armour device that securely holds new and used sharps during the closing procedure.

Sharp Fluidics recognizes the risks for surgeons and nurses in the surgical suite and has created ways to help them make the experience safer and reduce the risks of accidental needle sticks. By putting suturing equipment within the surgeon’s reach, their devices have eliminated the need for nurses to thread suture needles and pass them back and forth. The team in the surgical suite will experience fewer needlesticks and increase efficiency while improving safety.

Sharp Fluidics is dedicated to improving processes in the surgical suite to give patients better outcomes and arm surgeons and their teams with the best equipment to do their jobs well. The NeoClose and Operative Armour products are revolutionizing the operating room.

Anyone interested in learning how these products improve safety and efficiency in the surgical suite can find out more by visiting the Sharp Fluidics website or calling 1-866-376-4686.

About Sharp Fluidics: Sharp Fluidics is an industry leader in creating products designed to improve safety and efficiency in the surgical suite. They have developed several products reimagining surgical closures to help surgeons maintain high safety standards and close surgeries more efficiently. Their products are transforming the surgical suite.

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Sharp Fluidics Operative Armour® Suture Needle Management System provides clinicians with closure autonomy, minimizes needlestick injury hazard, reduces potential for retained foreign objects. Sharp Fluidics enables safer, more efficient operating room workflows by enabling the surgeon to self-dispense and self-secure needles during closure.