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To provide the best-in-quality nutrient-dense food as well as ingredients, PNE Good Foods, one of India’s celebrated Food Ingredient Suppliers, was established in 2020. Within three years of its inception, the PNE Good Foods has provided for standardized food products & food ingredients for the full benefit of its engaged consumers. We intend to work on the development of standardized phytogenic dietary ingredients and food products. Our food items are nutritionally dense and high in phytonutrients.

Our USP: Preserving Phytonutrients in Food Items

The research team at PNE Good Food facility comprises food scientists from a variety of acclaimed Universities, each collaborating to the production of phytonutrient-rich food. Phytonutrients are the most vital and active forms of nourishment present in long-shelf food items. Their preservation is important for the overall product to become fit for consumption for the masses. Therefore, PNE Good Foods, as a responsible Food Ingredient Supplier, employ scientific practices for preservation of such phytonutrients.

Our production procedure is backed by solid research and peer review from the Scientific Community. You must realize that when it comes to preserving phytonutrients in food items, many Food Ingredient manufacturers do not do a good job. PNE Good Foods intends to change such obsolete industrial practices.

Our Vision: Providing Food & Beverage Industries with High-Q Products

We strive to be an essential Food Components solution partner to global Food Industries as well as direct consumers by maintaining high standards in the quality, sustainability and consistency of our products as well as value-added support services.
Our Mission: Global Outreach of PNE Food Products

PNE Good Foods sees itself reaching in a decided period of time as many clients on a global scale as possible as well as providing them with our high-quality standardized food ingredients. These food ingredients are 100% preservative free and made up of natural edibles. We base the quality of our products as the determiner of the quality of our relationships with our clients.

Our Promise: Best-in-Class Food Products and Ingredients

Although we have tons of defining advantages when it comes to buying food ingredients from the market, in simple words, PNE Good Foods offer quality and class. Here, we promise you some of the defining production standards adapted by us for safe and quality food ingredient productions:

No Adulteration
High Nutritional Value
Certified Organic Sources
Environmental Preservation
No Chemicals & Pesticides
100% Vegan Products
No-Added Preservatives
Halal Products*
Nutrilock Technology
Unique phytochemical profile

*For Non-Veg based food products

Our Products: Some Glimpse from the best Food Ingredient Supplier

PNE Good Foods provides an array of food items and ingredients to Food Businesses, such as Standardized Spices and Vegetable powders, like:

Standardized Garlic powder
Standardized Ginger powder
Standardized Turmeric powder
Tomato Powder
Amla Powder

Our major food attractions also include Honey and Honey-based products and varieties, like:

Natural Honey & Unique Honey Blends
Standardized Ginger Honey
Beetroot Honey
Beetroot Honey with natural Raspberry Flavor

How does PNE Good Foods understand Spices?
For us, Spices are more than flavoring agents. Spices not only add exquisite flavors, but they also encompass great medicinal benefits. Such benefits are detailed in our ancient Ayurveda scripts. Hence, PNE Good Foods brought back these flavoring agents with full spectrum medicinal benefits along with the added benefit of their rich flavor and aroma.
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The customer-centric business philosophy of PNE Good Foods, as a quality Food Ingredient Supplier, has earned us a devoted following. We make it a priority to understand our client’s needs and meet them to the best of our abilities. Even as a recent venture, PNE Good Foods has evolved as a technology-focused Food-Ingredient supplier in the Indian as well as International markets, as we are working hard to make a name for ourselves globally.

For any query, reach out to us at devendra.v