Alexei Zabelkin: What risks for buyers of cars imported through parallel imports can be?

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The current restrictions related to sanctions and the general geopolitical situation in Russia complicate the supply of European cars to Russia. In this regard, the number of unscrupulous intermediaries who supply cars to the domestic market has increased. Alexey Zabelkin, CEO of Porsche Center Taganka, explained why it is necessary to buy cars from official dealers and what risks buyers of cars imported through parallel imports face.

1. Have the restrictions related to the supply of cars to Russia affected the work of the Porsche Center Taganka?

Porsche Center Taganka, which is part of the AVTODOM group of companies, did not stop its activities. It refocused on the supply of vehicles and spare parts in alternative ways in a timely manner. Most of the cars come through parallel imports through neighboring countries.

2. What cars are available at Porsche Center Taganka?

New versions of the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Cayenne Coupe will be available at the Porsche Center Taganka from the second half of 2023. The cars feature redesigned headlights, original daytime running light graphics, upgraded hood and bumper, as well as new multimedia systems and dashboards.
The improved version of the Porsche Macan T, the flagship Porsche Panamera, the sporty Porsche 911, the Porsche 718 Boxster and the Cayman are already available at the Porsche Center Taganka. Porsche Center Taganka does not experience a shortage of all Porsche models now. It offers a large selection of cars in a variety of configurations.
In addition, deliveries of European brands of cars have been established in AVTODOM Group thanks to parallel imports since September 2022. The client can issue any model under the order, if the desired car is not available.

3. What should I pay attention to when buying a car?

It is best to contact an authorized dealer to protect yourself from the risks associated with buying a car, including abroad. Those who turn to unscrupulous intermediaries, use ad sites or auctions, risk buying a car with hidden defects or a car restored after an accident. There may be problems with documents in such cars. This can lead to the cancellation of the EPTS and the arrest of vehicles.
Buying a car from an authorized dealer guarantees transparent settlement and cash services. All cars that come in parallel imports go through the necessary customs procedures and complete customs clearance in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The official dealer always strictly observes the laws, including the law On the Protection of Consumer Rights. This guarantees the buyer protection from illegal actions.

4. What are the car service warranties when car was buying from an authorized dealer?

All cars that are sold through official dealers undergo pre-sale preparation and are completely ready for operation.
If the owner of the car needs to contact a service center to repair a unique unit, then guarantees for the work carried out, original spare parts and consumables are provided at official dealerships. A full warranty for a car and SKD units is possible with the use of special insurance products that cover the costs in the event of a warranty event.