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Monday 17 July, 2023 – Business leaders looking to take employee appreciation beyond mere words with meaningful gestures are turning to Earnestly, a company that is taking corporate gifts to the next level – and helping foster employee retention and loyalty.

Earnestly empowers company managers and business owners to give better gifts to their workforce and customers and offers a turnkey gifting solution that drives loyalty and reduces churn rates.

Earnestly offers expertly-conceived bespoke and personalized corporate gifts that maximize employee recognition, whether they are part of an in-office team or work remotely.

“A purposeful gift helps establish a positive, lasting connection between giver and recipient,” said Earnestly founder Emily Ashtiani. “At Earnestly, we take the stress out of the buying and distribution process and provide clients with curated gift boxes containing high-quality consumable, reusable, and value-driven products from local small businesses.”

Earnestly, which has worked with many companies and has more than 50 unique partnerships with gift suppliers, can help derive many different solutions, whether it’s celebrating achievements, welcoming new employees, developing branded gifts for trade shows and conferences, or offering a bespoke gift to past clients and new prospects.

Ms, Ashtiani said: “In today’s competitive business landscape, employee appreciation has emerged as a crucial factor in building a thriving workplace culture. Recognizing and appreciating the efforts and contributions of employees goes beyond mere words—it requires meaningful gestures. Giving employees appreciation gifts can significantly impact their engagement, loyalty, and overall organizational success.”

Employee appreciation gifts provide tangible evidence of recognition and validation. When employees receive a thoughtful gift, it conveys that their hard work, dedication, and achievements have not gone unnoticed. This helps them feel valued and acknowledged, boosting their self-esteem and motivation.

Bespoke gifting can also enhance employee engagement, strengthen ties, improve morale, and create a positive workplace culture. She added: “Employee appreciation gifts are not mere material possessions but powerful tools for building a thriving organizational culture.”

“Organizations can significantly impact employee engagement, loyalty, and overall success by recognizing and appreciating employees’ efforts through thoughtful gestures. Indeed, giving appreciation gifts serves as a strategic investment in employee satisfaction and organizational growth.”

Ms. Ashtiani founded Earnestly out of frustration from witnessing thoughtless company gifts leading to environmental waste. Many gifts ended up in storage cabinets or junk drawers.

“After sending many gifts to clients and mentors during celebratory project milestones and holidays while working as a consultant, I knew from experience that companies need a lot of help when it comes to adding a personalized touch to their gifts,” she said.

“I launched Earnestly to fix broken gifting. I get to work with clients and projects that I have a personal affinity for. Every engagement I decide to work on, whether welcoming thousands of new employees to an organization or rewarding a few pitch competition judges for volunteering their time with a heartfelt appreciation gift, I witness the recipient’s positive experiences and become a part of their story.”

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