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Charlotte, NC – With most businesses now depending on the internet for their income streams, it is not surprising they are turning to AT-NET Services to ensure they can enjoy a cyber-secure existence online

AT-NET has nearly 25 years of experience handling managed IT services, technology and cyber-security solutions for businesses throughout the Southeast.

The team also enables companies to move away from their old MSP and transition to AT-NET, with one month free and no onboarding cost

“Our proven processes ensure your IT to AT-NET’s way of doing business is a painless experience,” said a company official. “We pride ourselves in providing a one-stop hub for computer systems.”

In addition to these, AT-NET provides a wealth of services, including structured cabling, VOIP, IT consulting, an outsourced help desk, door access controls, video camera systems, WiFi, cell backup systems, disaster recovery, cloud systems, and networking.

“We want to serve small and midsized businesses to help them succeed by eliminating technology issues,” he said. “By focusing on the business and its people rather than the technology, we can form valuable partnerships with our clients that stand the test of time. We help keep them safe from cybercriminals.

“More than half of our customer engagement is devoted to their safety at the office and with the company’s data. Cybercrime does not stop and is growing at an alarming rate. We have the tools and expertise to reduce cybercrime in your organization drastically.”

Their core customer base is throughout the Southeast as well as clients worldwide. Their clients are in various industries, including manufacturing, legal, engineering, retail, health care, banking, insurance, and general small-medium businesses.

At-Net was launched in 1999 by a couple of engineers servicing a handful of small and medium businesses. “We had dreams of becoming the largest technology group in the Southeast, working with enterprise-level customers worldwide.

“During this journey, our team discovered this purely transactional business wasn’t fulfilling for us, and we sought more of a local, homegrown partnership with our clients. It became clear to us. We aren’t in the computer business; we’re in the people business,” he added.

Since then, it has pivoted to servicing the small-medium business market and formed long-term relationships in the community, bringing enjoyment to AT-NET and its clients.

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